10 Amazing Honeymoon Destinations In Australia

If your idea of the perfect honeymoon includes a white sand beach and a tropical landscape, then you should count Australia among your possible destinations. While it is world renowned for its gorgeous beaches, the truth is that there’s more to Australia than meets the eye. From getting some fresh air in the great outdoors to luxury islands and adventure park honeymoons, this country has everything you need for an unforgettable vacation with your spouse. Following are top 10 destinations guaranteed to offer you the romantic holiday of a lifetime.

• Barossa Valley


Couples who are into fine dining and exquisite cuisines should consider spending their honeymoon in the amazing, rustic atmosphere of Barossa Valley. Home to some of the most famous Aussie wineries, including Pehmann, Penfolds and Wolf Blass, the region is filled with numerous churches and old buildings. Regardless of whether you prefer to take a wine tour or simply explore this magnificent area, the serenity and beautiful views are surely going to provide you with a truly relaxing vacation.

• Kimberley

If the idea of spending the entire day on the beach or pampering yourself in a luxury spa doesn’t appeal to you, then perhaps you would prefer planning for an unique outdoor adventure in Kimberley. A wonderful mix of relaxation and daring activities, Kimberley is the spot where you can enjoy camel rides, four-wheel drives along a spectacular red dirt road, reef walks and the remote wilderness.

• Melbourne

In case you’re more of a city dweller, but still prefer some privacy and an exclusive location for your honeymoon, then Melbourne might be the destination for you. While it is often described as a bustling and vibrant metropolis, Melbourne is also stylish and varied. The numerous hidden alleys and quaint cafes ensure you and your better half have all the solitude you need. Moreover, whenever you want a break from the lively city life, you could simply rent a car and spend the day along the Great Ocean Reef.

• Byron Bay

The pristine beaches, the wonderful scenery and the laid back town are three reasons why Byron Bay is considered one of the best honeymoon destinations in Australia. Even though it’s a luxurious destination and the perfect beach getaway, Byron Bay includes a lot of activities for couples, including hang gliding, sunbathing, taking a walk in the nearby rainforest and kayaking, to name a few.

• Cradle Mountain

In case you and your spouse are active people who enjoy hiking and the mountain in general, then Tasmania’s Cradle Mountain might be the perfect destination for you. Featuring a plethora of hiking tracks and gorgeous landscapes, this tranquil countryside also features numerous activities for newlyweds. Whether you prefer mountain walks and horse riding, you simply want to snuggle near the fire or enjoy a spa treatment, the Cradle Mountains area will not disappoint.

• Sunshine Coast

Newlyweds with a hectic professional life could surely use a stress-free honeymoon in the beautiful and remote beaches on the Sunshine Coast. Just one hour drive away from Brisbane, the beaches here have a perfect temperature all year long. Irrespective of the beaches you head off to, you are guaranteed to enjoy a truly relaxing experience that will make you forget all about work and day-to-day problems.

• Thredbo

Thredbo is the perfect honeymoon destination for couples who enjoy winter and its numerous fun sports. An all-time favorite among Australian celebrities, Thredbo offers a wide variety of activities all year long. After spending an entire day skiing, snowboarding or building a snowman on the soft snowfields, you and your spouse can treat yourselves to a nice dinner in the one of the top restaurants or enjoy a warm beverage in the cozy bars you of the village.

• The Whitsundays

Clear skies, great weather and stunning beaches are some of the features that recommend the Whitsundays as a great honeymoon spot. With over 74 islands to choose from, newlyweds have access to a lot of options in terms of accommodations and activities.

• Daylesford

Known as Australia’s premier spa destination, Daylesford is the place to be if you enjoy spoiling and pampering yourself in luxurious beauty facility. You can spend your entire day getting a beauty treatment worthy of a king or queen and finish your evening with an exquisite dinner at one of the many restaurants in the area.

• Kakadu National Park

In case you value privacy, and prefer a secluded and remote location for your honeymoon, then there’s no better place than the Kakadu National Park. Located in Northern Australia, the national park features 20,000 sqm of natural environment you and your spouse can explore first hand. Home to a varied fauna, amazing walking tracks and some of the most spectacular Aussie views, Kakadu is the perfect spot for couples who love the outdoors.