7 Safety Tips For Caribbean Cruise Travel

Going on a Caribbean cruise is definitely one of the best travel options when it comes to having a relaxing vacation. The Caribbean is surely one of the most beautiful places in Earth. Considered as a vacation paradise, millions of tourists visit the region every year to have a great time. If you have planned to go on a Caribbean cruise, here are some safety tips for you to consider:

Never be an ‘obviously-rich’ tourist

It is practical to dress simple when having excursions in the Caribbean islands. It is not advised to wear necklaces, watches, and other jewelry that might attract thieves and pickpockets. The same thing applies with cash. Do not count your cash where a lot of people can see you. Though the people in the Caribbean region are very nice, others might be snooping around and looking for their victim. Also, do not bring too many items with you. If you have gadgets like phones or cameras, make sure you only bring them out when necessary. Keep them in an enclosed and secured case when not in use.

Always keep your guard up


When on vacation, it is natural to be carefree. After all, it is your privilege to unwind and have a great time. But that does not mean that you should let your guard down. Be wary of your surroundings. Yes, the Caribbean region has a lot of beautiful sceneries to offer. But do not be too distracted with these beauties. Always make sure that no one is standing beside you and close enough to get your wallet from your bag or pocket. If there are suspicious people with whom you are uncomfortable being around, you better avoid them. Never leave your personal belongings anywhere. Your valuables can easily be gone in seconds.

Be careful where you go on land

Be careful not to be led into isolated corners and alleys. These are where crimes usually committed since they are away from public sight. Be familiar with the place you are touring. Wise tourists will always bring maps with them. Even wiser tourists would conduct research on their destinations beforehand. Though it can be quite fun to go where the wind takes you, it is still ideal to be safe than sorry. So many people have gotten in various kinds of trouble, including losing their things, because of trying unplanned activities. Stick to your itinerary and stay as close to the cruise ship as much as possible.

Be careful on the cruise ship

A lot of people think that theft occurs only to tourists in the Caribbean region. But it should also be noted that theft can also occur even on the cruise ship. That is why the same precautions one has when touring islands should also be considered even when on the ship. Make sure that you have your keys with you all the time. Do not lose it as someone might get hold of it. Always make sure that your cabin door is locked. Never leave it open even just for a short time.

Be prepared in a medical aspect

Nothing is worse than being sick while on vacation. You would not want to waste your time on your bed when there is a beautiful Caribbean island to explore. Get a medical check-up before departing for your cruise so that medical concerns will be addressed. You might consider getting a dental check-up as well. If you have an existing medical condition, you might want to have your doctor write a letter that explains your condition; let the medical staff on board know about this. Now, seasickness, is a common problem among cruise tourists. If you think you have a problem with that, let your doctor address it before you go with your tour.

Be careful with what you eat or drink

Whether you are on the ship or on a shore excursion, make sure that you are careful about what you eat or drink. The foods that cause allergic reactions should be avoided. Ask about the dishes you are about to eat before eating. It is would be safer to get food at well-established restaurants than from street vendors. Also, watch the booze if you are to drink. Booze will surely compromise your perception as well as your behavior. It would be easier for you to get into trouble if you have had a lot of booze.

Enjoy a safe cruise with a good traveling agency

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