7 Tips That All First-Time Disney Cruise Travelers Should Know


Featuring four enormous themed parks, dozens of hotels, restaurants and a wide variety of activities for all ages, a trip to Disney World can be intimidating, particularly for first-time visitors. Because the park is a busy place, determining the best time to visit and scheduling your tour are mandatory steps to make your vacation more enjoyable. After all, even people who have travelled to Disney World a few times still don’t know everything there is to know about this place. Before you purchase your Disney World vacation package from Nashville, here are some things you should account for.

1. The best time to visit

The time of the year you’re planning your trip to Disney has an impact on the crowd density you should expect to find and the waiting times you encounter for the main attractions. In general, the busiest time of the year is during school breaks and, if you plan your trip during summer, then you should expect to find large crowds as well as hot and humid weather. In case you don’t mind pulling your kids from school for a few days, then early fall, mid-January and early March are the best times to plan a trip to this location.

2. How long should the visit be

The type of trip you’re planning will ultimately dictate how long your trip should be. Considering this is your first excursion to Disney, the average timeframe you will need to check out the main attractions and rides varies between 6 to 8 days.

3. Where to find accommodations

The question on whether you should choose a hotel within the Disney property or outside the park depends on the reason why you are taking the trip. If you’re taking your children to Disney World for the first-time and want to offer them the experience of a life time, then perhaps you should book rooms in one of the Disney-themed hotel. On the other hand, a tight budget dictates that you should search for accommodations in one of the non-Disney hotels nearby.

4. Where to buy the tickets

In case you purchased a Disney vacation package, then you won’t have much say regarding the park tickets you purchase. However, if you decide to make plans that involve activities that are not included in the package, then the best approach is to buy the tickets from authorized third party sellers. On a side note, if you plan your excursion ahead of time, then don’t forget to do some research, as you can find numerous discounts.

5. The best way to get to Disney World

The most convenient and affordable way to get to Disney for those outside of Florida is by plane. In addition to the plane tickets, keep in mind that you should account for methods of transportation while you are there, especially if you booked accommodation in an off-site hotel. Therefore, when you plan to visit other locations around Orlando and stay at a non-Disney hotel, you should consider renting a car. In general, travelers staying at one of the Disney hotels will benefit from complimentary transportation everywhere they choose to go.

6. The best places to grab something to eat

When it comes to describing the Disney World dining experience, most people automatically imagine burgers, hot dogs and other types of fast food. While you will find numerous types of takeaways like this, take note that Disney also includes several wonderful restaurants that account for an excellent experience in itself. As a side note, some traveling agencies have recently included a dining plan within their vacation package. Therefore, don’t hesitate to ask your vacation provider about this option.

7. The best rides and attractions

As previously mentioned, Disney World is a busy place in general and hence, getting the most out of your trip entails creating an itinerary with the rides and the attractions your want to see. If you’re travelling during summer, then it would be wise to learn how to use FastPass+, a free ride reservation system that permits you to book a slot for three attractions per day. It goes without saying that you should inquire about the attractions that have the longest waiting times and book your slot way in advance.

Should you purchase a Disney vacation package?

If you’re on a tight budget, but are keen on making the most out of your Disney adventure, then you should shop around for a vacation package. Take note that most traveling agencies in Nashville specialize in ‘no fee’ packages, meaning that you will end up paying the same amount as if you would normally spend by booking through Disney directly. Moreover, depending on the time of the year when you scheduled your trip, you could stumble across a package that offers excellent savings off rack rates, which merely account for the full price for all the elements of the trip bundled together.