8 Must-Visit Places In Israel

Israel is located between the deserts of Arabia and Syria and the Mediterranean, in Southwest Asia. Despite having a small territory, the country has a varied landscape and climate. Additionally, its dense population does not interfere with a wealth of wildlife and plants, as well as the many natural attractions they have. In this post, we will feature eight places you should not miss out on visiting when you travel to Israel.



Masada itself is very high, but it still can be ascended on foot by the winding snake path. Alternatively, visitors can choose to ascend by taking the cable car that runs from the tourist center and up all the way to the top. At the tourist center, you will be able to watch a movie about Masada’s story as well as exhibits of archeological findings. Many visitors recommend climbing Masada at sunrise as it provides spectacular views across the Dead Sea and Moab Mountains.

Israel Museum

The museum is the largest cultural institution in the state and is ranked among the globe’s leading art and archaeology museums. The museum house works that date from prehistory to present day as well as other encyclopedic collections. With the aid and support from patrons around the world, the museum was able to build a far-ranging collection of close to 500,000 objects.

Old Jaffa

This is the oldest seaport in the world, which was also once known as the Bride of the Sea. Jaffa is home to a multiethnic and vibrant community of Muslims, Jews and Christians. Did you know? Celebrities such as Claire Danes and Natalie Portman are some of the people who have visited the location. Today, Jaffa still retains some old houses and shops of worship scattered through the city. Residents in the city tell most visitors that they don’t have to explore too much to be able to find out what makes the city so much fun. Hence, this stop in Israel is a not-to-be-missed item in the itinerary of any tourist.

Mount of Olives

This destination is an important burial place since Canaanite times. Empires and kingdoms alike have come and gone and their marks are left on this legendary hill. The destination is also home to some of the most breathtaking views of the holy sites located in Jerusalem’s Old City. If you manage to join a tour, you will most likely be able to visit places such as Mary’s Tomb, Garden of Gethsemane and Church of Pater Noster.

Dead Sea

Also known as the Salt Sea, it is a salt lake that is hypersaline and this makes it one of Earth’s most unique places. The shores and surface of the sea are about 1,388 feet below sea level. The sea contains 33.7% salinity, which makes it one of the world’s saltiest bodies of water. With its high salt concentration, it allows people to stay afloat easily due to high levels of natural buoyancy.

Tower of David

This is a historical museum that tells visitors the story behind Jerusalem using a diverse range of illustrative techniques. The permanent exhibits can be found at the stands of the entrance to the Old City as well as the medieval guardrooms of Jerusalem’s citadel. The exhibition is designed to showcase historic events of the city in chronological sequence. You should definitely catch the Night Spectacular show which is a celebration of sight and sound. Amidst the Citadel’s archaeological remains, watch as giant, breathtaking virtual reality images unfold and tell the story of Jerusalem.

Tisch Family Zoological Gardens

This is a zoo that is located in the Matha neighborhood of Jerusalem, Israel. It is well known for its collection of wildlife and success in the breeding of endangered species. The zoo is undoubtedly a very famous tourist attraction due to its record of having large numbers of visitors in recent years. In the past, bars and cages were used as the enclosures for animal exhibits. Today, they are replaced by open areas and are separated from the public by glass windows, bridges, moats and trenches. There is a petting zoo where you can have direct contact with animals such as lemurs. Kids can also pet and feed guinea pigs, rabbits, sheep and pygmy goats at the children’s zoo.

Neve Tzedek

Neve Tzedek is one of the most beautiful areas located in Tel Aviv. It is the first neighborhood that was built in the new city of Tel Aviv in 1887. The area is home to many writers and artists such as Agnon and Brenner. There many gorgeous shops in the area, especially on Shabazi Street. You can easily find children’s clothes, designer shops, pottery, art and other boutique shops.

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