A Walt Disney World Trip Planning Guide For Beginners

It is understandable that most first-time visitors to Walt Disney World may find the task of planning a trip to the renowned holiday destination daunting. Fear not, this guide will provide some of the latest tips and trick that can help save time and money, choose where to eat, avoid crowds as well as plan other important aspects of your Disney itinerary.


Why is it essential to plan your trip beforehand?

Many first-time visitors do not realize the possibility that Walt Disney World can be a complicated place until they arrive in person. When the realization hits them, they are then overwhelmed. Although many commercials make the holiday destination seem like a carefree world and doing all the best rides without any problems, that may not always be the reality without adequate planning. Even after several trips to Walt Disney World, some people still do not know everything there is to know. To lessen your chances from experiencing that same fate, feel free to read on!

When you should visit Disney World

Choosing when to visit this destination arguably has a huge impact on your entire trip. As Disney World is a crowded place, the time of year you visit will have a particular crowd density as well as the length of the waiting times you will need to endure at attractions. For starters, if your kids are schooling and you don’t plan to disrupt their schedules, you should visit during school breaks. However, this time is the busiest as many other guests are in the same circumstances.

Summer is not ideal as the weather is hot and humid, and there are heavy crowds. If you are not traveling with your kids or do not mind pulling them out from school, simply cross out the days when school is out. Early March, mid-January, early fall and times prior Christmas are all suitable times to visit. Up next, would be the special events at Disney World to consider. These include events such as Star Wars Weekends, Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween parties as well as flower and garden festivals.

The duration of your stay

The duration of your stay should usually depend on what type of trip it is. If you are not a big Disney fan but are taking your kids for an once-in-a-lifetime type of trip, it is recommended that it lasts for about six to eight days. Then the initial duration will be tweaked accordingly to how much time you actually have and if you wish to include non-Disney destinations or theme parks in your itinerary. In this destination, there are four theme parks which are Epcot, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

If you plan to visit all the parks to experience most attractions, you should set aside five days. This way, you will have an extra day or two to settle, pack up and chill before heading back home. Keep in mind that theme parks are not the only attractions in Disney World. There are water parks, restaurants, Downtown Disney and more to consider. In most cases, you will probably find at least one day of other things to do. For instance, it might one or two days at the other Orlando theme parks, which again justifies the six to eight day range.

What type of accommodations should you choose?

When you are attempting to determine where to stay, you should be thinking whether you want it on-site or off-site. This means that you are choosing between a Disney World properties such as a Disney-owned hotel or a non-Disney owned hotel that is located within driving distance from the destination. In many cases, you might be able to clinch a better when you choose to stay in an off-site hotel. One of the biggest reasons why they are cheaper is because these non-Disney hotels don’t share the same premiums of Disney World due to recognition or location. If you want to enjoy the immersive vacation experience, we strongly suggest that you stay in Disney-owned hotels to experience being in the Disney bubble.

When you choose to stay within Disney World premises, you will need to take note of three tiers which are value, moderate and deluxe. Deluxe resorts include the Boardwalk Inn, moderate resorts include the Port Orleans Riverside and value resorts include the Pop Century.

Booking your trip

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