Celebrating Your Daughter’s Birthday With Cinderella On A Disney Vacation Package

Cinderella is one of the most beloved Disney characters of all time. She is very popular, especially among young girls. If you have a young girl of your own, then you probably have a little one who loves and idolizes Cinderella. Daughters can really be sweet, right? If you want to give your daughter a memorable birthday party, why not consider having it with Cinderella herself? Walt Disney World offers a chance for young girls and their families to have the most memorable birthday ever. This is through an exciting attraction known as Cinderella’s Table!

Feel like a princess


Yes, you may treat your daughter as your princess already. But why not let her experience a day as a Disney princess? She can be like the very princesses that she sees on TV. In Walt Disney World, kids have the chance to dress up as Cinderella, or any princess they want. Costumes are not required but they really are encouraged for a total princess birthday experience. Personalized glass slippers can also be purchased as these would really help your daughter feel like she is Cinderella. And who can be a princess without a tiara? A tiara decked with sparkling crystals along with a princess balloon can also be availed. You can also have your daughter dress up in her best princess gown for an ultimate Disney experience.

Have photo with Cinderella herself

Of course, a Cinderella-themed birthday would not be complete without meeting Cinderella herself. Cinderella can be found waiting at the castle gate ready for a chat … and photo ops. Surely she would have time to take photos with the numerous kids that adore her. There are a number of photo packages available for guests of varying groups. Photos would be provided along with a wonderful photo holder for each of them. Surely something like a photo with Cinderella can make your daughter, and here guests, something to reminisce about for years to come. It is not like every day your daughter gets to meet Cinderella anyway. Selfies and groupies can definitely be made extra special if Cinderella is part of them.

Experience a storybook setting

Cinderella’s Castle is probably the most distinguishable trademark establishment Disney has. Wouldn’t it be nice if your daughter can celebrate her birthday inside it? Cinderella’s Castle is definitely a storybook setting come to life. From the majestic, spiral staircase, guests can come down and find their way into the Grand Hall. Soaring stone archways, magnificent stained-glass windows, royal flags, and wonderful medieval decors are just some of the things to expect inside the Cinderella’s Castle. If there is one of the things that your daughter would not forget in her life, it would probably be being inside Cinderella’s Castle. Do not forget to bring your camera since the beautiful setting inside the castle provides a perfect opportunity for a photo-ops day.

Meet other Disney Princesses

Well, another great thing about having your daughter celebrate her birthday at Disney World is that she would get to meet other Disney Princesses – not just Cinderella. Numerous other Disney princesses are wandering around the castle. They are princesses Jasmine, Snow White, Aurora, and a whole lot more. There is no specific schedule regarding the appearance of these princesses. You would just have to wait for them and hope that they are there. Some attractions in Disney World also offer experiences such as having an afternoon tea with these differences. Get your cameras ready because though some princesses stop and smile for the camera, there are times when princesses simple reappear and then disappear.

Enjoy a majestic banquet

Even if one would eliminate all the grandeur and extravagance that have been mentioned, having a birthday in Cinderella’s Castle would still be spectacular because of the very tasty, fit-for-the-royalty, and mouth-watering cuisine served there. Menus change periodically, but some top favorites have made their way into the hearts of so many guests.

One good example would be the Major Domo’s Favorite Pie. It is beef cooked in Caberet sauce and has mashed potatoes and puff pastry. There are also other delicious dishes such as fried chicken, grilled pork chops, and roasted beef tenderloin. Special dishes are available for kids as well. No matter what your age is, you would really love dining inside Cinderella’s Castle.

An enchanted and very memorable birthday is what daughters truly deserve. This is most especially true when they have been quite the kind and obedient princess at home. If you want to ensure the best birthday for your daughter at Walt Disney World, you can contact us at Dove Travel and Cruises International Service. It is the dream of so many children (and adults too) to have a fun day at Disney World. We can make that happen for you and most specially, for your birthday girl!