Disney World: The Perfect Getaway For You And Your Family

Located in Orlando, Florida, Disney World is one of the major attractions of the United States. It hosts a very high number of tourists, both from within the United States and from other countries. The sceneries and attractions in the area are ideal for you and your family. Your kids probably have that deep desire to meet their favorite Disney characters, so with this trip, all that can be made possible. Here are specific places you should visit while at Disney World.

The Disney Animal Kingdom

This particular location in Disney World has various attractions, and also has seen a countdown to extinction. This was amongst the first rides to be set up during Disney World’s first days. It was a thrill ride that ensured you had that adrenaline rush that you so direly needed at times. It was closed later on and was revamped and reworked into the dinosaur attraction.

The Disney Animal Kingdom is a theme park and the dinosaur attraction is one of its major distinct areas in this particular resort. This will be amongst the most exciting adventures you will ever undertake, if at all it won’t be the best. Tourists board vehicles that turn, gyrate and tilt, the vehicles also careen a prehistoric forest which is immensely dark and this is where the dinosaurs are usually available.

All the dinosaurs here are animatronic objects. This land is dedicated to the dinosaur and prehistory fanatics, anyone who is interested in the age of the dinosaurs should visit Disney World. This will prove to be a major hit for you and your family.

Expedition Everest

This is found in the section of Disney World allocated to Asia. It is a highly revised and well detailed type of attraction. It being in Disney further explains why it is story line driven. The tourists are led into a remote social setup in the foothills of the mountain and they take trains to make the excursion tour. There is even a mystical creature put in place, the yeti, which legends has it that it guards the forbidden mountain, be sure to know that the legend is true when you visit Disney World.

Disney World has reinvented fun since it has the tallest “mountain” in Florida and the most astounding fact is that all these mountains are engineered by the Disney Imagineers. In this section there are a lot of chilling thrills with an assured 80 foot drop which is usually for the brave hearted. This is another experience which you would not want to miss.

The Kali River Rapids

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It was the first Disney river rapid form of attraction, when the park was initially opened. It is an exhilarating adventure which is accompanied by a 35-foot rotating drop and it is one of a kind. It is found in the Asian section of this resort. It has a close proximity to the new age white water rafting, the only difference is that you do not use a kayak. It is not a sport here, it is more of a form of relaxation, hence the use of specialized vessels.

The Kilimanjaro Safaris

This is the region allocated to represent Africa in the beloved resort. It has the most realistic savannah grassland environment. It is almost comparable to the savannahs in Africa. As a tourist you will encounter various African animals in the twenty five minute journey. The open savannah here is highly unique in nature and it ensures that each ride is simply different. If you are interested in taking a safari, this will be the most ideal place for you.

The Primeval Whirl

This is a spinning coaster where you can take your whole family. The kids especially, will enjoy the thrill from this coaster. It is located in Dinoland. It is a wild mouse sort of coaster and its safety is assured. It is all inclusive since one booth can accommodate up to five individuals. Therefore, this ensures that you and your family will be together all the way. After encountering this particular ride, you will certainly agree that Disney World is very addictive and fun.

Meet and greet your favorite Disney characters

Especially for the kids, this particular segment is for any Disney fanatic. You are given the opportunity to meet and greet your favorite Disney character. The character sightings are usually scheduled and you can meet a specific character once you visit the guest relations desk immediately you are in the park. All the details are correct in detail and the location and times allocated for every character appearance are subject to change on a daily basis. Donald Duck, Daisy Duck are amongst the characters in showing.

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