Do You Know How To Pack Right For A Disney Vacation In Winter?

Visiting Walt Disney World (commonly known as Disneyland) during winter will make your vacation sound more magical than any other times of the year. However, it can be difficult to pack for your visit to Disneyland or Walt Disney World as you can experience all four seasons – spring, summer, autumn, winter in a day due to the large variation in temperatures and weather. You most probably do not want to pack or even bring along a huge luggage with clothing for every season and different weather conditions. Hence, check out the following helpful packing tips for your upcoming Disney vacation in winter!



The first item you should pack into your luggage for your upcoming Disney vacation during winter is a pair of jeans. Jeans are versatile, comfortable from the “spring to autumn” times of the day and can keep you warm even when it is cold at night. It is also important to pack at least a pair of jeans as they are harder for you to purchase last minute on the fly. You can always purchase jackets and sweaters even from Disney souvenir shops scattered throughout the park but not a pair of comfortable jeans. Hence, consider it as insurance and throw your favorite pair of jeans into the luggage. You may also want to pack a pair of thin but warm stockings so that in the event the weather falls unexpectedly low during your trip, you can wear the stockings beneath your jeans.


The jacket will be the next highly recommended item that you should pack into your luggage for your winter Disneyland vacation. Pack a light jacket that can keep you warm in the cool mornings and cold evenings, yet can still be easily tied round your waist or tuck it into your bag during the warmer afternoons. It is always wiser to pack light but warm clothing then layer them on as the temperature gets lower than having to scramble around ending up with expensive cold weather attire or none at all.

800-Fill down sweaters

Invest in a good lightweight jacket with at least 800-fill down that will keep you on but at the same time allows you to compress them better and take up much lesser space of your luggage. A down jacket or sweater will keep you warmer than fleece.

Windproof fleece hats

Keep your head warm by packing windproof fleece hat. Such hats may not be stylish but it can be easily folded and kept away in your pocket during the “summer” time of the day but they will definitely help you keep your head up to enjoy the famous Disneyland fireworks as the day turns colder.


Besides being good fashion accessory, woolen scarves can help shield your face and neck from the cold winds. Your face is the first part of your body that will feel the pain from the cold temperatures, followed by your ears. Hence, it is always good to pack one or two good scarves that can protect your face from the cold wind blows. Simply loop the long cloth around your neck before you leave your hotel and pull it up to cover your lips and nose when the temperature falls.


Gloves are a must to keep your hands warm in the cold, wet weather. If you are a social media buff, you should invest in a pair of touch-screen or e-tip gloves so that you can still post your photos of the Cinderella Castle decked in winter lights to your Instagram or Facebook accounts without the need to remove your gloves. These special gloves will allow you to continue using your touch-screen smartphones to take and post photographs while keeping your hands snug and warm. They may not be cheap but to be able to take a selfie and post immediately with the Disneyland fireworks display in the background – that is priceless.

Hand warmers

Besides gloves, you should pack hand warmers too as they will last longer than a cup of hot chocolate or coffee in the cold, wet weather. They will definitely come in handy while you are waiting in a queue for a ride, before a parade or prior to the popular Disneyland fireworks display.

Waterproof shoes

Waterproof shoes will help your feet stay warm and dry especially during cold, rainy weather. Hence, do pack them along to that you can trek through Disneyland with ease.

Disposable ponchos

You never know when it will rain so it is always good to pack along some disposable ponchos. In addition, you most probably do not want your down jackets to be ruined by the wet weather, especially if your down jackets are not equipped with water resistant outer shells. Besides, the ponchos can also double up as mats on wet floors or for you to sit on wet furniture in Disneyland.


The cold and wet weather can dry up your skin faster and make them crack or peel. Hence, the last crucial item to pack into your luggage for your winter Disney vacation will be moisturizers. Apply the moisturizer in the morning before you leave your room and when you are back at night. It will be handy to bring a small tube of hand cream so that you can apply throughout the day to keep your fingers from cracking in the cold weather.