Enjoy Disney Long Weekends In Nashville For 2015!

Adventures by Disney are known for its so-called long weekends that families can enjoy. Basically, the adventures are headed to different destinations like San Francisco, Napa and New York City. It is good to note that the company updates it list of offerings in this regard. As proof to its continuing legacy of giving families a fun time during the weekends, Disney now presents Long Weekends in Nashville, Tennessee. Here are things in store for you with this whole experience.

Visit the Grand Ole Opry


In this very stage, you will witness the historical becoming of country music. At Grand Ole Opry’s backstage, you will be given a glimpse of “The Show That Made Country Music Famous” and you will be able to understand and appreciate the genre even more. This part of the four-day, three-night weekend from Adventures by Disney also comes with a private dinner that you can enjoy with the rest of the group.

Witness great performances like no other

Nashville, being a Music City, is a perfect home for many of the musical performances from Disney. With the introduction of the Long Weekends in this city, you can now get a taste of the best in music. Simply hang out at Nashville’s Bluebird Café and appreciate what it is like to be serenaded by the best singers with their outstanding musical performances. You will likewise be given a time to meet and greet professional songwriters as they introduce you to the masterpiece called songwriting. They will even be more than willing to render a private performance during your so-called private before-hours visit.

Take a tour to RCA Studio B

Otherwise known to many individuals as the ‘home of a thousand hits’, this studio holds more than 35,000 recorded songs, some of which comes from the most popular names in the music industry. Being in this studio will take you years back to the history of music in the city and in the entire nation. What makes this experience even more interesting is the fact that you will be given a chance to record your own song while you are inside RCA Studio B.

Make your own Hatch Show Print concert poster

When you feel like the music-related activities mentioned above is not enough to make you feel that you are indeed a music superstar, then you can take things a notch higher by creating your very own concert poster via Hatch Show Print. This place is known for creating a variety of concert handbills not just for the past decade but for over a century already. With this one-of-a-kind experience, you will be able to enjoy classic letterpress at its best, a printing process Hatch Show Print is best known for.

Experience what it is like to be inside The Hermitage

This place has been named as one among the few structures under the National Historic Site and is more popular because it was once the haven of then President Andrew Jackson. You will surely be captivated not just by the historical inclination of the place but also by the mesmerizing landscapes that surround it. The former plantation has been transformed into an incredibly beautiful garden that complements the towering architecture.

Apart from giving you the chance to explore the site, The Hermitage is also a great venue for you to learn many things from making Southern biscuits and barbecue sauces to learning the art behind square dancing, a popular groove during then President Jackson’s time. A welcome dinner will also be served to your liking. For a more adventurous time inside The Hermitage, you can also enjoy the guided ghost tour.

Eat… eat… eat!

This could be one thing you would look forward to considering the long weekend that awaits you with this Disney adventure. It is good to note that there are many great finds that come with the trip and for one, you can visit Puckett’s Grocery and Restaurant. The place is known for serving a delectable breakfast combination, that is banana French toast and peanut butter. You can also order some chocolate milkshake if you want.

Adventures by Disney is a truly wonderful experience

The four-day, three-night Long Weekends from Adventures by Disney may really be long and dragging as others may put it but if you try to explore all the activities as mentioned above, you will feel that every single minute you spend throughout the entire journey is well worth it. It is something to take home with you if you are from another state or from another country. Additionally, it is also an experience that is worth adding to your diary.

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