Explore the Best Offbeat Destinations Around the world

December is just a few months away and your plans for a memorable Christmas vacation must have begum in a full swing. But in case, if you have not decided doing anything special, then this article will help you make some fantastic holiday plans with your near and dear ones. Try to think of something new, unique and outside the box! While there are usual holiday attractions such as big cities, theme parks, jungles, cruises and not to forget, our parent’s homes, what about holidaying in some of the best offbeat destinations with your family this time? Well, this article comprises of places that are not usually found on everyone’s checklist.

Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires, often called as the “Paris of South”, is the capital of Argentina. It boasts wide, tree-lined avenues similar to the Champs Elysees and labyrinth like alleys and cobbled streets like Montmartre. Moreover, there are large attractive parks, grand buildings, old-fashioned shops, luxurious boutiques, engaging museums and galleries, restaurants serving delicious food and clubs to tango! In short, this place is amazing if you desire to go for a leisure holiday and spend some relaxing and quality time with your friends and family member.

The Wave on the Utah-Arizona border

The Wave is a sandstone rock formation and the most scenic hiking destinations situated in the United States of America, near the Arizona-Utah border. Though the signature landscape is among the most photographed in North America, because of its brutal summer temperature, it is also known as ‘the Devil’s playground’. While deciding to visit this destination you can take a look at all the old and new signs as well as safety warnings that come from Bureau of Land Management.

Galesnjak Island

Galesnjak, also called the Island of Love or Lover’s Island because of its small heart shape, is located in the Pašman channel of the Adriatic. It can be considered as an ideal spot for all the romantic lovers in the world as the island is deserted and couples can get quality time to spend with each other. This spot became a worldwide sensation after it was spotted by Google Earth viewers.


Muscat is the capital of Oman and is the jewel of the Arabian Sea. The best thing about this white city is that it is a blend of Portuguese style colonialism and modern glass covered towers and malls akin to every other Emirate. One of the most attractive sights of this destination is the beach; the sea is the mirror of the blue sky and the sands are as white as the snow with jagged hills line at the backdrop. Food lovers do not get upset, as you will love the Lebanese styled sumptuous kebabs found in most restaurants here.


Myanmar is also known as Burma and is a South East Asian Country situated along the coastline of Bay of Bengal. This destination has lots to offer to every tourist who are hunting for a great and an adventurous time out from their hectic schedules. With several Buddhist shrines and Pagodas, you can actually come over and expect a peaceful holiday with your friends and family.

However, if you are planning a gateway to an unknown destination, it is essential to do a little homework so that you can have a splendid vacation.