Getting Married? Here Are 6 Great Honeymoon Destinations You Should Pick!

Getting married marks a grand event in a person’s life and even more wonderful is the honeymoon that comes right after the wedding. The honeymoon should be a romantic vacation spent in two in a great place in the world and the destination should also be picked carefully. The thing is that there are many sublime places where the honeymoon can be spent and the newlyweds might be a little bit confused about what to choose. That is why this article has compiled a couple of honeymoon destinations that are very popular and enticing, so that you will have a brilliant honeymoon in the company of your spouse-to-be.

1. Santorini, Greece. Romantic couples who want the best for their honeymoon should visit Santorini, a wonderful town in Greece. This place is renowned for its warm weather, pleasant and hospitable people, good food, great wine and of course, sublime music. Santorini also features a couple of colorful beaches, so visitors have the chance to get a tan and practice a variety of water sports. Just as a tip, it is a good idea for Santorini visitors to get a dictionary with them, in order to avoid confusion or unpleasant events.


2. Venice, Italy.
Another wonderful place that can be visited by newlyweds during their honeymoon is Venice in Italy. Here tourists can travel with a gondola all day long and hear pleasant violin music almost all the times. Also, there are multiple bars, restaurants and coffee shops that feature a romantic setting and which serve delicious Italian food cooked by professional chefs. Couples who really want to make the most out of their honeymoon in Venice should visit the St Mark Piazza very early in the morning in order to admire a wonderful, golden sunrise. Another thing that should be mentioned is that getting lost in Venice is quite common, so tourists should remember to have a lot of patience and don’t panic if this happens.

3. Crete, Greece. This town is another Greek gem that can be visited by newlyweds as it provides a plethora of attractions and marvelous landscapes to admire. Although Crete is a little bit on the pricey side, tourists can do so many things here such as visiting the Historical Museum of Crete, The Palace of Knossos, the Cretaquarium where thousands of species are on display for tourists and so on. Additionally, Crete has a vibrant nightlife that should be experienced by all costs, especially if the newlyweds are convinced party lovers. Lastly, tourists can also take advantage of the wonderful Greek meals as these foods are prepared according to the Mediterranean cuisine and they are some the healthiest and most nutritionally valuable in the world.

4. Bora Bora, French Polynesia. This small island is a popular destination for those who love exotic vacations and want to experience something new and entertaining. Here tourists can get a tan on the Matira Beach, visit the Coral Gardens or the Bora Bora Lagoonarium. The main attraction of this small island consists of breathtaking natural landscapes that can be enjoyed both day and night and which provide the perfect background for photos and pictures. Tourists who visit Bora Bora also have the opportunity to taste delicious seafood in local restaurants and sip refreshing cocktails while enjoying the pleasant weather and the serene atmosphere this place features.

5. Maldives. The Maldives Islands also offer a lot of territories that can be explored by romantic couples and feature wonderful natural landscapes which cannot be seen elsewhere. First of all, the sublime beaches will help tourists relax and get rid of stress in a matter of seconds, the soft sands provide a great massage to the feet and the blue waters refresh and invigorate the body completely. Also, tourists who visit the Maldives can go to the Maldives Victory in order to do scuba diving and explore the diverse aquatic life. Lastly, the National Museum is also worthy of a visit as it provides more details and information about the history and culture of this small country.

6. Florence, Italy.
Here we are back to Italy as this country still has a lot to offer to his romantic tourists. Florence is another extraordinary place which can be a perfect honeymoon destination for every couple. Visitors of this town can admire stunning architecture, art galleries and explore historical sites like Basilica di Santa Croce or Piazzale Michelangelo. Overall, Florence is a wonderful city that radiates a positive and warm energy and which will make any couple’s honeymoon unique and unforgettable.

If you would like to visit one of these marvelous places during your honeymoon or you have another great destination in mind then make sure that you give us a call to make arrangements for traveling. Our travel agency in Nashville can organize trips and tours to any destination in the world at an affordable price!