Going On A Disney Cruise? Here are Tips To Help You Enjoy The Cruise!


A Disney cruise can be said to be one of the most popular family activities of all time. It is always nice to ride a Disney cruise ship, enjoy the open seas, and be with friends and loved ones. A lot of people say that Disney cruises are among the most memorable vacations they have experienced in their life. So if you are to enjoy the Disney Cruise Line soon, you are in for an awesome treat. Read on and find out how to have a fun and safe time on a Disney ship.

While on the ship

You would not want to get into trouble or even suffer from any inconvenience inside the ship. That is why you need to take note of the following tips:

• Pay attention to the safety briefing – It is very important to pay attention to the ship’s safety briefing. This is so that you would be able to know what to do in case of emergencies. Be familiar with the drills. Know where the life vests and life boats are. Know where you are supposed to go. Get as much safety information as you can get to ensure a safe and fun cruise.

• Wear appropriate footwear– Slipping on the ship deck is not a rare accident on cruises. Disney ships have concrete decks but these too can be sometimes slippery. That is why you need to wear appropriate footwear while strolling along the decks of your Disney cruise ship. Wearing rubber flip-flops or water shoes is advised. Avoid footwear made with slippery material as well as the ones with high heels or wedges.

• Never lose your passport – It is important not to lose sight of your passport. Without it, you would really have a bad time in your vacation. Make sure you keep it in a safe and secure place. Better yet, leave it in your room. Do not bring it around. Do not bring it off the ship as well. So many tourists have lost their passports accidentally because they do not keep their eyes on those things.

• Do not drink too much alcohol – Disney cruises are not that strict when it comes to alcohol consumption. They are among the few cruises that allow cruisers to bring their own alcoholic drinks to the ships. Drinking can cause you to act inappropriately and inappropriate behavior can really get you into trouble. It is okay to have a few spirits but not too many please!

While off the ship

Disney cruises would not be too fun without excursions. Excursions let tourists enjoy various areas around the world. If you plan to get out of the ship, remember these safety tips.

• Be familiar with the area around the port –
It is important to be familiar with the area around the port. Never be like a lost cat in the middle of a jungle. Have a map with you – one that is made out of paper. GPS is okay but most tour guides recommend using a paper map. Also, you have to be familiar with the places that you need to visit and the places you are not allowed to visit.

• Do not be a target of pickpockets –
Avoid being a target of pickpockets by hiding your expensive jewelry. Dress simple. Leave your luxurious stuff inside the ship. Cruise line destinations offer tourists to meet beautiful and hospitable locals. But some locals just exist to prey on tourists. Avoid these people by not drawing attention to yourself.

• Never wander too far from the port – Exploring a new place is nice. And exploration has made a lot of adventurists tourists enjoy the place than most tourists do. But it is important not to wander too far from the part. Not only will the chances of you getting lost be fewer, but you will be able to go back to the ship easily as well.

• Pack for the trip appropriately – It is important to pack up appropriately whenever going on an excursion. Make sure you wear comfortable clothing and garments especially if you plan to walk a lot. Wear the right clothes for the weather. Wear sun safety apparel if you know that the sun would be too hot. Bring an umbrella to shield you from the sun as well as heavy rainfall. Bring alcohol or hand sanitizer with you so that your hands would be kept clean.

Disney Cruises are indeed fun and safe. All you have to do is remember the tips above and you will be safe. Never miss out on a chance of enjoying a Disney Cruise. If you ever plan to go aboard on any of the Magic, the Wonder, the Dream, and the Fantasy cruise ships, contact Dove and Travel Cruises. We can ensure a memorable and very relaxing vacation for you and your travel companions.