How Do You Conquer Your Cruising Fears?

Have you been looking forward to take a cruise? Well, a lot of people have loved the idea of cruising simply because of the luxury attached to it. Imagine yourselves getting spa treatments from the cruise ship staff and anticipate the different natural sceneries that will captivate you in each port stop. Of course, never discount that delectable food is always served on your tables? Are these not enough for you to actually jump in excitement?

There can be a reason why you have not made up your mind as to whether or not you should get that cruise trip. It can be because of the different phobias that any person can encounter not just at sea but also in the various ports of call. The good thing is you can conquer your cruising fears by simply considering the tips below.

Prepare yourself for embarkation

Embarkation is similar whether you ride airplanes or cruise ships for your vacation. Embarkation starts from security screening to verify that your name is in the travel manifesto for the ship. It will then be followed by you boarding the cruise ship. What can possibly go wrong with this part and why do you need to plan for it?

Take the fact that lines can be brutally long before you get screened and finally board the ship. If you feel like the long line will take so much of your time, arriving later than the usual time you have set would be good. Make sure though that you are not too late for the trip. This is the only guarantee you will have that you will be able to pass the screening with flying colors and no more inhibitions in mind. Prepare your documents ahead of time so it will be easier to access them in case the cruise ship

Choose your cruise carefully


If this is your first time to go on a cruise, you have to remember that everything can go wrong if you have not chosen your cruise ship carefully. You need to give high regard to your emotions when choosing a cruise. Perhaps, if you feel nervous about it, it will be best to go for cruises that have shorter itineraries but include a list of ports to visit. This can give you a breather from being inside the ship most of the time.

It would also be wise to choose a newer ship. These ships offer you more in terms of luxury since they have larger cabins and public areas. They also have wider open deck spaces that will give you a breather if you want the fresh air to touch your skin. What is good about these ships is that you have more activities to attend to thus keeping you busy and getting your mind off your phobias. It would be good to consider a ship that has a balcony cabin where you can spend some time in case you are overwhelmed by the crowd.

Plan the perfect time to dine

If you feel too overwhelmed by a huge crowd, it would be best to plan the perfect time for you to dine. You might want to spend either early or late dinner with friends or at a time when there are lesser people dining with you. You do not have to go head to head with other people who rush into the ship’s restaurant to enjoy the meal that you want. When planning the perfect time to dine, make sure that you take note of the specific table assigned to you. Ask if you can be served a particular type of meal that you want to eat.

For off hours, that is, during times when the ship’s restaurant is not yet opened for buffet courses, you can consider shopping around for food. You can visit food shops that are scattered inside the cruise ship. They serve meals that can fill up your hungry stomach. You can also use the ship’s room service for an additional charge though.

Choose the onboard activities you will attend to

Production shows are crowd favorites for any cruise. This means that there are more people attending such shows when compared to all other onboard activities. When you have phobias, it would be good to choose a seat that will not lead you to the crowd. Choose to seat in the balcony most preferably.

Look for a good spot where you can breathe

You can do this just after you have boarded the ship. There can be a library out there where you can relax your mind while reading your favorite book. You can also seat in a comfortable couch located in the hallways. You can go anywhere you will be comfortable.

Above all these tips when it comes to conquering your cruising fears, you have to consider booking with companies that offer the most relaxing cruises for the comfort of their guests. With that in mind, you can always consider us.