How to Choose The Perfect Travel Agent For Your Las Vegas Trip

With an endless array of casinos, theme parks and unique museums, Las Vegas is the perfect tourist destination for a wide range of domestic and international travelers. Whether you plan to visit on your own or take your family, with the stunning varieties of shows and attractions there is never a dull moment in Sin City. While many people think that all of the best deals are to be found online, the biggest savings are to be had from progressive travel agents who mix personal service with online convenience. Here are 4 ways to help you find the perfect travel agent.

#1: Does The Firm Belong To A Good Network?

It is essential that the travel agent you book with has a number of hotel partners and good relationships with carriers and tour operators. If you are looking for a way to save money while visiting Vegas, good agents belonging to networks of airlines, tour operators and hotels will be able to source you the lowest rates. If you are stuck for ideas, look for a firm that sports the ASTA logo. This stands for the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) and means that the agent you call is accountable for the service they provide.

#2: Can The Agent Beat Online Rates?

Nowadays even great-grandparents can skim through ticket comparison websites to find the lowest airfare and hotel deals. What’s more they can do this while downloading their great-grandkid’s latest Facebook album – who needs a travel agent? Well for a start, ever ardent do-it-yourselfers will run into problems from time to time that they wouldn’t have had they used a good travel agent. How good is ‘good’? For a start, they should answer your calls promptly and be able to find you a far cheaper rate than you could find yourself online.

#3: Are They Knowledgeable About Your Insurance Options?


The whole reason that you would book through an agent as opposed to sorting your own flights and hotel out online is that you are looking for a total service. A reputable travel agent will be able to organize all aspects of your trip included your travel insurance options. At a minimum you want to ensure that you have ticket insurance so that your flights can be refunded if something happens. You may not require travel insurance but a quality agent will offer you options and recommend a customized plan if asked.

#4: Has Your Agent Personally Used The Services They Sell?

A great question to ask of any travel agent worth their salt is whether they have visited Vegas and where they stayed or what they did. Agents who have flown with the carriers they recommend or who have been on the tours they are trying to sell you will be far better placed to give you quality advice. At the very least they should have up-to-date knowledge of Vegas and be abreast of the latest trends and information.