How Will You Make Your Honeymoon Memories Last A Lifetime?

Apart from the wedding ceremony, there is one more thing couples look forward to once the ceremonies are over. This is nothing less than their honeymoon. Like the wedding day itself, going to your romantic destination should be well planned. That is if you want the memories from this occasion to last a lifetime.


Think of surprises to inject to the occasion

Each couple may plan their honeymoon in a way that is interestingly unique when compared to those that others may have planned for. There is always that element of surprise that makes the moment even more memorable, that is, on top of all other things that are included in the plan. Of course, a honeymoon is a sweet thing and if you want to make it even sweeter, then you can always include a surprise that will work to your partner’s delight. In this case, it does not really matter how big or small the surprise is as long as you know it will work to please your partner. Make that surprise something that is unforgettable even when you are old and gray.

Make an appropriate room choice

This is no business meeting so you need not have a room that is so formal. You can always ask for some add-ons from the hotel staff and they will be more than delighted to help you out with the preparations. You may want a bottle of cold wine waiting on the corner for your groom or petals of roses all around the carpet for your bride. You can choose to have satin sheets that seem to hug the skin every time you lay down on your bed. It adds a cuddly emotion that will seem to make your partner feel the warmth of your love all the time even after your honeymoon is through.

Express your honeymoon love through songs

How can you make that memorable? Well, you can arrange for a local band to perform in your honeymoon destination. Request that they sing your favorite love songs during the occasion. You can ask them to serenade your partner during a dinner at the hotel lounge or casually ask them to perform these songs while you are taking some time out to enjoy the night with your husband or wife. Some of you may presume that serenading is a thing of the past but no matter how old this method is, it still is a click to most partners. After all, it is still the thought that always counts.

Set-up a different kind of dinner

How can it be different? Think about not having the usual dinner in a classy restaurant around town. You can try something new by cooking your partner the dinner that he or she has always wanted. You can always arrange for that possibility by talking to the hotel staff. For sure, they would be more than willing to help you set-up the kitchen just so it will transform into a cozier place where you can cook your partner’s meal for the time being. Every person will appreciate that idea and you will surely receive words of gratitude all the time.

Nothing beats dancing the night away

There is some element in dance that makes two people stick together and grow fondly about each other. Just do it at a perfect time. Perhaps, the most ideal time is after having dinner. You can dance under the moonlight if you are staying in a beach or if there is a garden right outside the resort or hotel you have booked a stay with. Allow others to envy you while you dance the night away and savor every moment you have with your partner. Never mind being the center of attention this moment. What matters most is you are enjoying the occasion that is set to be the most memorable moment in your life.

Choose the right place

Choosing the right place can be very tricky but for you to do away with the hassle, you have to make sure that there is some romantic connection with your choice. Your partner will love the idea of spending the honeymoon with you in a destination where you first travelled together. It will bring back those moments that sent shivers to your spine and truly it will be memorable no matter how ‘old’ the place may be for both of you.

Another option is for you to choose a destination that you have not yet been to. It will create an atmosphere of anticipation that will make your partner look forward to each day you will spend together in that place.

Speaking of choosing the best honeymoon destinations, you can always book with us. Read our pages for a list of options. For sure, there is one place in our list that will work to your delight and will truly make your honeymoon memories last a lifetime.