Inexpensive Ways To Enjoy A Disney Vacation

What can be a more perfect holiday idea with your kids than to bring them to Disney World? This place is surely something you have included in your wish list if you have kids who want to explore this vacation destination. Some of you may have apprehensions about taking a trip to this famous kid-friendly place simply because of the cost that is commonly attached to it. Yes, it can be costly but if you try several options, there are definitely some inexpensive ways to enjoy a Disney vacation with the entire family.

Going during the off season is the best option


There are different pricing seasons to think of when considering a Disney vacation. Drop all other four and think of going for the value season instead. This happens from the mid of August to the mid of September and also from early parts of January to the mid of February. Booking during the value season does not merely imply that you get to book a hotel at a lower cost. You also get to book the most expensive hotel and get the savings that you have always wanted. That cost is even lower than a regular room’s cost at a regular hotel during the peak season.

Explore all other ‘sleeping’ options

Visiting a place like Disney World will entitle you to a hotel stay at a cost that you may not have ever imagined. Most hotels can be very costly for a one-night stay. If you stay there for three nights, you have to triple that cost. What is then the better sleeping option for you? It would be using a tent and putting it up on Disney’s campgrounds. You may need to pay for using the space but it is nothing close to the price of the least expensive hotel around the area.

Try the offered meal plans

There are different meal plans to enjoy when booking at Disney resorts. The more expensive option, that which is priced at around $110 per person for a day would include two snacks, two counter-service meals and a refillable beverage mug. This one typically works for a family or group of four people. Another option is the one priced at around $80 per person a day that entitles you to enjoy a counter-service meal, a table-service meal as well as a snack per person. The good thing about these meal plans is you are still entitled to using vouchers and free discounts for these meals.

Pay for the AAA membership cost

This membership opportunity provides members with exclusive privileges that they will enjoy the most once they avail of a visit to Disney World. This can cost about $50 a year but would also mean great opportunities for whoever takes advantage of it. For one, as a member, you are entitled to a 15% discount for an accommodation at one of Disney World’s high end or deluxe properties. For those who would go for budget accommodations, a 20% off the price of the room will be given to the member. Such discounts are available during value season. For any other season, discounts are from 10% to 15%.

Try to work on curbing your anticipation

Most of you would presume that visiting Disney is a once in a lifetime opportunity. With that in mind, you would certainly exert all effort you can and buy tickets just so you can enjoy every edifice, park or structure that is within the resort. You would certainly get even the most expensive tickets just so you and your kids will be able to join the fun.

Accept the fact, however, that Disney is a huge place. You cannot just end up visiting all the sites that it has to offer in one day. In fact, your children can get tired and bored even when you feel like they are the ones most excited for this chance. Once they feel exhausted and they tell you to go back to your hotel room, instead, you can do nothing but see if you will still have time to visit the unvisited places on the next day. Good for you if you still can go to such places but if there is something else in your itinerary for the next day, then it would mean you have just bought tickets for nothing. That can be a painful reality that can add up to your expense.

Avail of the cheapest Disney vacation packages that you can see

Perhaps, this is the best way by which you can save money while endeavoring to visit Disney world. You can always check on what is included in the package and from there, compare it to another venue that offers one. You simply have to see how much benefit you will get from the cost and from there you can decide on the package that works for you.

For a wide spectrum of inexpensive Disney vacation packages that you can use for your trip to this famous tourist spot, you can check our pages. Feel free to contact us for any of your queries thereafter.