Let’s Get Familiar With The 6 Areas Of Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

Disney’s Hollywood Studios is one of the theme parks making up Walt Disney World, Florida. Its main theme is show business and it has a focus on the Hollywood industry particularly from the 1930s and the 1940s. By design, it is like one big motion picture studio. In 2013, it became the fifth most visited amusement park in the country after receiving more than ten million tourists for that year. Like other theme parks within the complex, Disney’s Hollywood Studios is divided into six areas. These areas are the Hollywood Boulevard, the Streets of America, the Echo Lake, Sunset Boulevard, the Animal Courtyard, the Pixar Place, and the Sunset Boulevard.

Hollywood Boulevard


This area is the park’s main entrance and has a wide array of souvenirs and gift shops. It has a design style that is very similar to Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. At the end of the boulevard, tourists can see the Sorcerer’s Hat – fashioned from the magical hat in the animated movie, Fantasia. Now, what about the rides? Behind the iconic Sorcerer’s Hat, tourists can find a replica building of the famous The Chinese Theater. This building serves as the home of The Great Movie Ride which lets tourists experience classic Disney films which include The Wizard of Oz, Singin’ in the Rain, and Casablanca. Along the Hollywood Boulevard, occasional colourful parades are being held.

Streets of America

The next area within Disney’s Hollywood Studios is Streets of America. Streets of America has a design with replica streets very similar to those of New York City, Chicago, and San Francisco. In this area, tourists can view the 3D film, Muppet Vision 3D. It features the well beloved characters from The Muppet Show of Jim Henson. There is also Honey, I Shrunk the Kids: Movie Set Adventure where kids get to play oversized toys in order to have an experience just like that of the characters in the movie. The best time to enjoy Streets of America is during Thanksgiving and Christmas since it is during these days when the famous Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights, a light display, can be enjoyed at night.

Echo Lake

Echo Lake is inspired by a real Echo Lake at Los Angeles. The design of the area tends to create an atmosphere similar to that of the Golden Age of Hollywood. This area is the home to many popular attractions. One of the most popular ones is The Star Tours – The Adventures Continue. This is a 3-D motion simulator ride that is based on the Star Wars franchise of George Lucas. It is something that Star Wars geeks would not want to miss. There is also the Jedi Training Academy for anyone who wants to be young padawans. And for those who like Raiders of the Lost Ark, the brain child of Spielberg and Lucas, there is the awesome live-action attraction, Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular.

Sunset Boulevard

Sunset Boulevard is obviously named after the actual Sunset Boulevard. It is one of the most visited areas within the theme park mainly because of its feature attraction, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. It is a ride based on the thrilling CBS series that a lot of people grew up watching. It is in Sunset Boulevard where a lot of stage shows are shown. Among these is the tale as old as time, Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage and the Fantasmic! For those who love Aerosmith, there is the rock-and-roll themed indoor roller coaster ride, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith. Like other areas in the theme park, Sunset Boulevard has a lot of counter service restaurants where tourists can enjoy delicious treats.

Animation Courtyard

Animation Courtyard is where animation enthusiasts will surely have a good time. Its main attraction is the Magic of Disney Animation where tourists can learn a lot on how animated characters are developed until they are ready for the big screen. Tourists can even grab the chance to learn how to draw their favourite Disney characters. Animation Courtyard also features live shows that are very popular most especially with toddlers. There is Disney Junior Live on Stage, a show that features puppets from Disney Junior shows, and Little Mermaid, a show featuring puppets, human actors, and a lot of awesome effects.

Pixar Place

Pixar is the newest attraction in the Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It might be small but it packs a lot of fun. It is the home of the Toy Story Mania. It is considered to be one of the most popular attractions in all of Disney World. It is perfect for Kids and especially those adults who grew up loving Woody and the gang. Tourists should also make sure they have their cameras ready because Buzz and Woody goes around posing with tourists for photos.

All in all, these are the six areas of Disney’s Hollywood Studios you should not miss out on. Visiting them would be an experience of a lifetime. If you are looking for Disney vacation packages from Nashville, contact Dove Travel and Cruises International today for the best prices in town!