Make The Most Out Of Your Caribbean Cruise With These Fun Activities!

Granted, there’s nothing better than relaxing by the pool while you cruise along the ocean to a top vacation destination. Then again, taking a Caribbean cruise means more than just relaxation. Without denying that comfort is one of the many factors why you selected the cruise in the first place, your vacation can also become an adventure on a grand scale. Following are some tips to help you make the most out of your vacation and live the adventures you never imagined first hand.

• Try surfing on a flow rider


In case you booked a cruise on a ship with an innovative and modern design, then chances are they have a flow rider system onboard where you can try surfing. Ships that include flow rider usually have an instructor on board, so don’t worry if you have never surfed before, as you have plenty of time to learn the basics.

• Challenge yourself on the rock climbing wall

Another fun activity to pass the time while on the ship is to go up on the rock climbing wall. Usually located on the top deck, rock climbing on the ship doesn’t require you to be in top shape to scale the wall and check out one of the most unforgettable high sea views of your life. In general, ships will provide you with the necessary safety equipment and give you easy instructions, so you don’t have to take rock climbing courses in advance.

• Swim with dolphins

Since the cruise is bound to pass near Jamaica’s shores, how about you spend some time swimming with the dolphins? Several locations around Jamaica allow you to participate in a hands-on experience with these amazingly strong and peaceful creatures. Therefore, look over the cruise’s itinerary and book a thrilling swim with these graceful sea mammals.

• Snorkel under the sea

In case you didn’t know, most of the beauty of the Caribbean area is under the sea. Below the surface of the water and the lightly rippling waves, you can discover an incredible world of colorful corals and active marine life. Signing up for a snorkeling trip is a surefire way to see all the wonders the underwater Caribbean has to offer.

• Zipline through the jungle

If you’re an active person in general and enjoy the adrenaline, then you should definitely try out ziplining thought the jungles of the islands in the Caribbean. The most popular zipline adventures that ensure a magnificent view atop the forest canopy are in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

• Go horseback riding on a Caribbean beach

Couples trying to relight the spark in their relationship or those simply looking for some romantic activities should consider horseback riding on one of the many beaches in the Caribbean. Not only does the experience seem like something taken out of a romantic novel, but horseback riding also gives you and your loved one the chance to spend some private moments admiring the most spectacular sunsets.

• Try island hopping on a day trip

If you’re feeling adventurous and are in the mood to explore more of the Caribbean, then enrolling in a day-trip island hopping might be a good idea. Depending on the itinerary of the ship, you can explore a Jurassic Park like scenery in St. Martin, take a stroll on the magnificent beaches of Puerto Rico, collect shells at Green Cay or do some snorkeling in St. Maarten.

• ATV and off-road riding

Riding on an ATV is not only a great opportunity to check out a different facet of the countryside, but it also promises to be a lot of fun. However, take note that there are few places in the Caribbean where you can ride off-road or on an ATV. In case you’re interested in exploring the islands in depth, then make sure to book a cruise that offers this option.

• Take a safari

If you’re interested in checking out the less-travelled parts of the Caribbean, then signing up for a safari on one of the islands is a must. As you leave the paved roads, you will be exploring the wildlife, magnificent vistas and lush vegetation up close, from a topless vehicle.

• Tube down a jungle river

In case you’re looking for something different, an activity that will certainly get your adrenaline pumping, then floating through the jungle waters might be just the thing for you. The best water tubing adventures suitable for all tastes and budgets are found in Jamaica and Dominica.

Book a Caribbean cruise package with us today!

To enjoy any of the aforementioned fun activities, first you will have to look for a Caribbean cruise package that offers them, so conduct some research in advance. Take note that most of these shore excursions sell out very fast. Therefore, if you would love off-road riding, zipling through the jungle or any other activity on the list, it would be wise to book them in advance with us.