Perfect Honeymoon Destinations In Tennessee


For those of you who are planning to get married and have not yet thought of a perfect place to spend your honeymoon, you can consider a lot of great finds in Tennessee alone. The state is known not just for its charm but for its diversity that both locals and tourists have loved through the years. With such characteristics, you will surely find a perfect honeymoon destination from the following places in Tennessee.

Honeymoon destinations in East Tennessee

East Tennessee is best known for its landscapes seated over its beautifully-carved mountains. It has been popular too because of its deeply-rooted love for its Scottish-Irish heritage which has greatly influenced its music, arts, crafts and traditions. For your honeymoon destinations, you can choose to spend the night in a cozy cabin that serves breakfast at its best.

One of the well-known destinations in East Tennessee is Gatlinburg. Particularly situated at Sevier Country, this place was historically a home for Cherokee Indians who were looking for food. Through the years, however, the place has been developed into one attractive tourist spot housing many different hotels. From there, the rest is history. What makes it even more special these days is the existence of many restaurants, a theme park and shopping centers in Gatlinburg.

You can also head to Jonesborough, a historical site that is now known as the Storytelling Capital not just in Tennessee but all over the world. This is because it has been the home for the annual International Storytelling competition. Jonesborough, of course is noted as a place where music is celebrated. For couples wanting a different vibe in their honeymoon, this is a perfect place to consider including on your list.

Honeymoon destinations in Middle Tennessee

For those wanting to spend quality time coupled with country music and great entertainment, heading to Middle Tennessee, Nashville in particular, is recommended. In Nashville alone, you will find a couple of sweet finds in terms of dining options. You can opt to take dinner down the river or visit the land’s historic plantation. In this place, you will also get to see a Parthenon-like structure that is found in the middle of a serene park. Visiting Nashville would be very good even during autumn too since it holds The Southern Book Festival, which can be perfect idea for couples who want an entirely unique experience.

If you want to spend some time in a resort around town, you can visit Gaylord Opryland Hotel and Resort. This all-in-one resort is surrounded by mesmerizing sceneries with indoor gardens too. You can also enjoy fun activities from boat rides to concerts all-year round. Another option would be Linden Manor Bed and Breakfast that can be found near universities just at the downtown.

Honeymoon destinations in West Tennessee

Heading to West Tennessee, the state’s least populated area, would mean taking yourself back to memory lane. This is the home to many interesting facts in history including the formation of a lake from an earthquake, the introduction of Blues particularly in Memphis and the existence of what are believed to be ghosts in Shiloh. This means that you are guaranteed a one-of-a-kind honeymoon experience if you choose to book a destination in West Tennessee.

Memphis is noted to be one of the best places in West Tennessee where you can spend your honeymoon with your partner. It is not merely the home for music but is also the place where the once Civil War battleground has been recreated into a historical site that remains to be popular both to tourists and locals alike up to these days. In Memphis, you will also see the place where the King lived, that is, Graceland. Likewise, the place offers a lot of nightlife destinations, the most notable of which are the jazz and blues clubs found on Beale Street.

You can also opt to spend the night in your hotel room in The Peabody, a hotel that has a combination of class and tradition. What makes the hotel even more interesting to many is the fact that there are ducks marching on the red carpet that leads to the captivating fountain highlighted in the building. This hotel is a great find also because it is near some of the best attractions on Memphis’ downtown.

Tennessee is indeed a great honeymoon destination!

With the many destinations from East to Middle to West Tennessee, this is without a doubt, one of the best places where you can spend your honeymoon. You can consider the many suggestions above or you can also look for other perfect sites where you and your loved one can spend some moments together.

If you are looking for honeymoon destinations that will make the occasion even more memorable to you and your partner, you can call us. Browse our pages too for more suggestions on beautiful honeymoon destinations.