Planning An Eco-Friendly Honeymoon Travel

To most people, green living means changing their recycling and transportation methods. While this is all true, green living also means making the right decisions in regard to changing one’s lifestyle, particularly where planning of large events such as weddings is concerned. So after hosting an environmentally-friendly wedding, it is only in order to also plan a green honeymoon as this is as important as using local vendors to provide food for your event or re-using a wedding dress.

Which group of people is best suited for ecotourism?

Ecotourism is perfect for people who are creative, frugal and adventurous. It can be defined as responsible travel to natural regions that pay attention to the environment through different conservation efforts so as to improve the well being of the local people. Traveling anywhere by plane only adds carbon to the atmosphere, meaning that you should be mindful of its impact on the places you are planning to visit. With this in mind, here is how to plan an eco-friendly honeymoon excursion.

Decide on the kind of an experience you would like to have with your better half

There are a number of eco-friendly honeymoon destinations scattered all over the world. As such, ecotourism can range from camping, volunteering for a service project, to staying in green lodges. Decide on the activities you would like to take part in while in your honeymoon. Eco-friendly activities such as local farm visits, hiking, sightseeing, swimming, snorkeling, biking and many more may be included in your trip.

An environment-friendly honeymoon embraces the natural surroundings. This means staying in places where you won’t need to travel by car, plane or boat to see the sights or staying near wildlife reserves. Simply put, decide to take your honeymoon vacation in a gorgeous but a wild place where nature is your only friend.

Choose a honeymoon location that is close to your wedding destination or your home


The most environment-friendly travel destination is to avoid going to a place where you must get on a plane reach there. Settle for a spa or resort that is committed to green practices but that is within a day’s drive from your wedding destination or home.

Select an eco-friendly destination

There are many ecotourism resorts and lodges in most countries of the world today. With this in mind, here are a number of the most popular choices for green honeymoon adventure that you too can settle for.

• Maya Biosphere reserve an island of nature that is located in the Peten region of Guatemala, at a rain forest research project in Costa Rica, in the Upper Guinean Forest in Ghana Madidi, or in a national Park in Bolivia, or in Belize.

• Travel to any eco-lodge in South America, or Jicaro Island Eco-lodge in Granada Isletas, or the Yacutinga Lodge in Argentina. Nicaragua is also another popular choice for these sorts of travels.

• Visits any eco-resort in the Caribbean. While here, you may want to check out the Maho Bay Camp, Virgin Islands, St. John, or Jungle bay Resort in Dominica.

• Opt for a camping or hiking excursion in a national park in Central America or in the U.S. Camping or Backpacking allows you to spend quality time secluded with your new spouse. In these camps, the newlywed will most of their time biking, camp cooking and hiking. Good choice in this case includes Yosemite, Yellowstone, Glacier or any other appropriate sites around the country.

• Or go for a Six Senses Spa site in Europe or the Southeast Asia. There are over 35 location choices in this regard that are committed to sustainable eco-lodging.

Tour your destination on a bike or while traveling in a train

Planes have been discovered to burn as much carbon per person per flight as it takes a full grown tree to process in a whole year. So it recommended that instead of flying from one area to another within a particular country to opt for bike rides or train rides to get from point A to B.

Book an empty leg charter flight

It is recommended to book an empty leg charter flight back home or to take you to a honeymoon worthy destination.

Book a vacation package with an environment-friendly travel company

An eco-friendly travel company is likely to offer you the best choices when it comes to environment-friendly honeymoon destinations around the globe. However, it is recommended that you read the company’s mission statement before committing your money to it as they all do not operate the same.

Eat locally

If you want a real eco-friendly honeymoon vacation, simply book a room with a kitchenette to prepare your own foods. These foodstuffs can all be sources from the local markets. If you must eat in a restaurant, then choose one that serves local foods. Consumption of local fare supports the local farmers and the transportation of foodstuffs will emit less carbon monoxide to the environment.