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From (city/town): Hendersonville

Thank you Andy and the folks at Globus for making our trip to Italy such a wonderful experience! I wouldn't hesitate to use Dove and Globus when planning my next trip....thanks again. Mike

Thank you
From (city/town): Hermitage

Everything about our trip to Belize was perfect. From the transportation to the resort could not be better. Andy listened to what we wanted and delivered beyond our expectations. Again, thank you - great job.

Thank You!
From (city/town): Mary Ann Mercier

Just want to thank Andy for planning my 1st Dinsney World experience. I tried to plan it myself along with some family member but it was too complicated so at the last min, I went online to find an travel agent and just pick this one out of the blue, Andy pick up. He planned my last min trip, answered all my questions and I mean all because I had lots. I know I worked his nerves but he was there for me all the way. If it's too much to plan your own package deal for Disney World or any other trip, ask for Andy, it wasn't any more expensive by using an travel agent because I talked to people who paid more by planning it themselved. Want to thank Andy again for helping me and being part of my first experience to Disney Word, me and my grandchildren had a blast. Never want to leave my GOD and Elohim YAHWEH out of the mix because all things is only possible through him. Praise the Mighy YAHWEH. Shalom

From (city/town): 37206

I want to express my sincere appreciation to Dove Travel for selecting, organizing and implementing my Vacation by Rail travel on June 2nd thru June 10th.It was well organized and we knew from moment to moment what to expect. We love every minute of the travel. Thank you Andy for working with us and obtaining exactly what we wanted.I will come to you for future travels.

From (city/town): Tawana

My Dad, daughter and I went to Italy/Spain for two weeks. This is the first time I ever used a travel agent for such an important trip. I called several agencies in one day and Dove was the ONLY one that responded quickly and sent me an itinerary by the end of that day.
I spoke with Andy, he was amazing. He was very patience with me planning my trip to Florence, Rome and Barcelona. I did a lot of research and sent Andy the top three hotels I wanted and of course the dates needed to see all three places.
The day of our trip, everything fell into place as Andy orchestrated the entire trip. Our cabs were there to greet us. The trip was a success, thanks to Andy’s paying attention to details. Would I use Dove travel again….YES! This trip was a life changer and I felt safe in Andy’s care. Thanks DOVE TRAVEL

Greece and Spain
From (city/town): Robin Noble

Wow! What can I say...... Andy you are amazing! My schedule is crazy and I never really know when or where I will be going, so when I realized I was going to have 2 weeks off I jumped at the chance to get outta town, I walked into Dove just to check it out, I had never used an agent before and because of Andy I will always check with him first. He booked my 10day trip 3 days before I left! I went to Athens Greece, Santorini Island and then to Barcelona, Spain. He booked all my airfare( even got me the seats and departure times I wanted), transportation to and from all the hotels (which I highly recommend if traveling alone:which I was. Or if this is the first time to the destination / this avoids being taken advantaged of) my hotels and my double decker bus tours. I gave him my budget and he made it all work, beyond what I thought was possible. I think it's important to mention he came in way under budget compared to trying to do everything myself online. And again I remind you we did this on a Saturday and I flew out on Wednesday!
I can't wait to book another trip!

From (city/town): Nashville, TN

Thank you so much for all your knowledge and input during the planningof our special family Hawaii vacation. We all are so excited!! June can't come fast enoughHope you have a great day!

Wonderful trip to Israel and Jordan

Andy signed me up for a trip to Israel and Jordan from Globus Tours. I left on October 18, 2015 and returned November 1, 2015. Everything went smoothly. Prior to the trip I had some reservations about going to that part of the world due to the unrest in Israel and the Middle East but once I was on the ground in Israel everything seemed safe and the tour was well organized. For the Israel portion we had a tour guide named Tal who was very knowledgeable and made sure that everyone was on time and where they were supposed to be. The food was very good. There were very few alterations from the schedule and we saw almost everything that we were supposed to see. In Jerusalem we did not get to go up on the Mount of Olives due to unsafe conditions there but Tal took us to another vantage point where we also got a panoramic view of the city. It was quite an experience crossing the Sea of Galilee and visiting the Western Wall/Wailing Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem. A highlight for me was going to the Israeli Museum to the Shrine of the Book and actually getting to view actual pages from the Isaiah Scroll, part of the Dead Sea Scrolls.For the Jordan portion of the tour we had a tour guide named Osama (when he first met us he told us to not let that name scare us). We visited many interesting places in Jordan, Roman ruins at Jerash, desert locations at Wadi Rum, the 2000 year old rocky city of Petra, the church in Madaba where the oldest mosaic map of the Holy Land is to be found. The food in Jordan was excellent also, maybe even a little tastier than the food in Israel.The only part of the air flights where there was some delay on Air Canada was getting from Nashville to Toronto and then back from Toronto to Nashville.All in all, it was a trip of a lifetime and I want to thank Andy for his help getting it all booked and all the details taken care of.

Fascinating Israel with Jordan

I completed the Globus Tours "Fascinating Israel with Jordan" tour from October 18 until November 1, 2015. Thank you Andy for all your help in getting this tour booked. Everything went well on the tour. There were some slight delays getting from Nashville to Toronto and then back to Nashville from Toronto. All the other flights went very smoothly.In Israel there were 43 of us with a tour guide named Tal. He was very knowledgeable about everything we were seeing. The weather was a little warm (about 95 degrees Fahrenheit) for the first couple of days going up the Mediterranean coast. Afterwards a front came through when we were in Jerusalem and we cooled down somewhat so that the rest of the tour was very comfortable. It was a little hectic going across the border from Israel into Jordan but there were no major problems. One lady did lose her luggage and one bag was found a day or two later and she got it back. In Jordan we had a wonderful tour guide named Osama (he told us to not let that name scare us!). I personally thought the food was a little tastier in Jordan than it was in Israel. We had a wonderful time seeing the Roman ruins at Jerash and then visiting the two thousand year old city of Petra. The trip to Mt. Nebo was well worth it along with a trip to Madaba where we saw a sixth-century mosaic map of the Holy Land. It was very moving to see the Jordan River both in Israel and in Jordan. The boat ride across the Sea of Galilee was an unforgettable highlight of the trip. The visit to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem was a very moving experience. I did take the optional excursion in Jerusalem to see the Sound and Light show on the history of the city. Unfortunately after the Middle Eastern dinner with wine and the day's walking I was so tired that I dozed off during part of the Sound and Light show and missed some of the history. (It is hard work to be a good tourist!)All in all, I would recommend this trip to anyone who wants to see the places where the Bible events took place. I feel very privileged to have been able to make this trip and that I did not see any problems as far as security was concerned. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem! May it get better over time so that more people will be able to go see the lands of the Bible. Thank you again Andy.

Family Vacation in Hawaii

Thanks to Andy our family trip to Hawaii in September 2014 was magnificent. Our flight out of Chicago was well organized; the seating was great for us as a group of 9. An agency representative met us at the airport with information and directions for the length of our vacation. We had expert assistance in selecting and reserving our daily activities for the week.. We were on the move the whole week. The hotel was great, most enjoyable, transportation was excellent from and to the airport. We took a lot of pictures, such a memorable time. Thank you so much Andy for an outstanding job! Will see you on our next travel planning.

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