Taking Your Kids Out Of School For A Vacation

The idea of whether or not to pull your kids out school temporarily to travel may seem a little controversial. As a parent, you may be an advocate of family travel but taking your kids out of school for a vacation at an untimely period may not be so cut and dry. In many cases, you may experience the wrath of the school principal if you took them for trips that even include educational elements and diverse cultural experiences.

One of the biggest reasons why parents choose to take full family trips is because of off-peak pricing, especially after the holidays and in the fall. Also, some families may not be able to afford big vacations and would need to rely on more affordable back-to-school shoulder seasons. If you are asking yourself whether is it fine to take your kids out of school or to avoid doing so at all, this post aims to help you sort things out and decide on the a favorable course of action for your own circumstance.


Does the school allow it?

You will need to find out if your child’s school implements any policy. More often than not, schools will take travel-related absences as a case-by-case matter. Depending on the varying circumstances, they rarely encourage such absences. Some schools may even have a non-negotiable attendance rule, thus your requests may quickly get rejected. Other schools may be less strict, allowing up to five days of absence for travel purposes.

Oftentimes, the younger your child is, the easier it might be to pull them off for a short vacation during an active school term. For instance, it will be easier to pull a kid who is in elementary school compared to one who is in middle school. Middle school requires students to be rotated between multiple teachers and classes, and thus it will become even more challenging when they enter high school.

Your child’s performance at school

If your child is currently struggling with certain subjects or classes, it might not be a very good idea to pull him or her out school at the moment. However, if you know your child is quick to catch up or excels in their classes, it is reasonable to take time off for a short travel. Keep in mind to ensure that your child is one that can easily make up for necessary work when they miss school. When the school approves your child’s absence, you must use the upcoming vacation experience in place of some assignments such as the research of some geographical or history elements of the places visited. However, it is still up to the teachers to accept such work in place of actual class work.

Ask your child how he or she feels about missing school

As parents, you will be able to call most of the shots but you should also take time to talk to your child about the idea of missing school or weekend to travel. Because in some circumstances, your child may have a project that is underway and he or she does not want to miss it. Additionally, there may be an upcoming weekend game that is very important to them. Do not start the trip on the wrong foot with an upset teen that missed his or her homecoming game.

Where to go when your child’s leave is approved

You consider signing up for a tour in countries around Asia. From the Great Wall of China to temples in Thailand, you can enjoy rich cultural experiences with your child. One of the countries you can consider visiting this year is Thailand, and you should check out the Mystical Thailand tour. You and your children will embark on an extraordinary journey, discovering tranquil temples, ancient traditions, cosmopolitan cities and authentic cuisine.

Thailand is home to more than 30,000 Buddhist temples, and they have always been the epicenter of sociality and spirituality. During the tour you will be able to visit some of the most famous temples, which includes the renowned reclining Buddha. Also, you and your kids can learn more about the way of life in Thailand when everyone takes a boat ride through Bangkok’s canals and see temples and family homes built there.

Important reminders

When you manage to find good deals, it does not necessarily mean that it is worth taking a month long vacation with your kids. In most cases, extended absences can outweigh the educational value of the trips. Whenever possible, you should plan short trips which use up weekends so technically you are only missing a couple of days. Additionally, you should provide advance notice to the teachers. You should inform them as far in advance as you can, regarding your plans for the upcoming trip. Ensure that exact dates are given and avoid making last minute changes when the itinerary is confirmed and has been circulated.

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