Tips To Help You To Eat Healthy On Your Caribbean Cruise

Many cruise lovers know that trying to eat healthy while on a cruise can sometimes be an uphill task. There are cruise travelers who love their food and they eat more than they should. It is not unusual to hear about travelers that consume more than 6,000 calories in one day. These individuals end up with bloated bellies, swollen feet and some even risk putting their bodies into diabetic shock due to the excessive sugar intake. While it may be fun to go all out at the buffet, it is important to make responsible food decisions to keep the calories in check!

The good news is that if you are planning to remain healthy on your Caribbean cruise, it is very possible and it can even be quite enjoyable. You can find healthy food onboard and you do not have to worry about gaining all the weight that you have struggled for years to lose. By employing a few smart strategies, you can come back from your vacation looking better than ever. It is important to remember that you are responsible for putting the food on your plate. By eating less and taking the time to choose the right foods you can enjoy every bite without worrying about the consequences.

Choosing your dining venue


One of the most important decisions you can make is where to eat. Choosing your venue wisely will help to ensure that you avoid foods that are not too healthy. Instead of heading for the buffet where the food choices are overwhelming, eat in the main dining room. Formal dining that involves long dinners and different courses can be exactly what you need to avoid overeating. Many cruise lovers admit that they avoid buffets where the temptation to sneak in an extra piece or two of chocolate cake can be too great! Choosing where you eat is a great way to make healthy choices.

Pace yourself during meals

When you decide to eat at the buffet, pace yourself to avoid consuming too much food. Whether you choose to eat grilled meat, pizza, Chinese or Indian food, avoid the temptation to pile your plate with everything that looks great. Remember that mixing too many different dishes can result in a queasy stomach. Take stock of all the options at the buffet table before you start serving. Remember that you can always go back for more if you still feel hungry. Many experts recommend sitting facing away from the buffet table. This way you can avoid staring at all the inviting food during your meal.

Ordering fewer dishes

Just because you choose formal dining does not mean that you have to order all the courses. As much as you may enjoy the idea of eating four-course meals does not mean that you have to indulge yourself during the cruise. Do not allow the waiters or anyone else to bully you into sampling each course in the dining room. If you find that nothing appeals to you, do not order more than you should eat. It is important to know that sometimes you will still get dishes that you did not want but you should resist the temptation to dig into the triple-chocolate dessert.

Order half-portions

The best way to ensure that you sample all the delicacies without overdoing it is by asking for half-portions. The truth is that you can still enjoy your meals without filling your plates. Most people who go on cruises enjoy the fact that you can order several main courses, but few talk about the availability of half-portions of every meal. By ordering small portions or reducing the food that you eat, you can sample the different dishes without feeling guilty. When you get into the habit of limiting your portion sizes, you will feel more comfortable after each meal.

Choose the spa menu

Most cruise ships offer alternative “spa cuisine” for travelers looking for healthier options. The spa menu has dishes that are considered “healthier” than the regular fare. It is, however, important to realize that just because the menu contains fewer calories does not mean that you have to pig out. Look for spa restaurants on the cruise ship where you can get meals that are prepared with the health conscious individual in mind. It helps to find out how the meals are prepared before ordering.

There are other ways to enjoy healthy eating while on your cruise and they include mixing heavy and light meals, skipping dressings and sauces and eating plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. There is nothing wrong with indulging a little bit since you are on vacation but you have to remember that overeating can actually ruin your vacation. Limit your dining to the main meals and skip pastries and other mini-meals available between meals. Avoid or limit your alcohol intake, drink plenty of water and remember that you cannot expect to enjoy other activities on the cruise trip when you are feeling bloated!