Top 3 Waterfront Cities To Visit This Year

A wonderful vacation can sometimes make you feel happier than if you would have won the lottery! The truth is, nothing compares with a fresh breathe of air after a long year of work. A vacation can give you the possibility to relax, to see new places, meet new people, take your mind off from your job and of course, getting to know yourself better by doing various activities like skiing, hiking or trying your luck at water sports.

And, there is no better place in the world to try some water sports than in a waterfront city! This year, the list of destinations is generous. Read on and find out which three of the best waterfront cities you should visit this year:

1. Newport, USA.


If you are a romantic and a photographer, the coastline views of Newport will simply take a breath away and they will remain in your mind forever! If you want to make your wife happy, this amazing city features plenty of shopping malls which are also frequently visited by the celebrities in this country. If you want to practice water or land sports, Newport will gladly satisfy your desires and if you are a music lover then this city hosts a lot of music festivals on a regular basis as well. Need more reasons to visit Newport this year?

2. Venice, Italy.

Never a dull moment in this magnificent Italian town. Here you get the chance to enjoy a trip during the evening with a gondola while a musician delights your ears and souls with a beautiful, romantic music. Also, while in Venice, you simply cannot miss Italian cuisine! You can enjoy one of the best pizzas in the world or feast on delicious seafood cooked by professional Italian chefs. Don’t forget to taste the Venice wine too as it might be one of the best wine you will ever sip from.

3. Hamburg, Germany.

Another European jewel, Hamburg is simply mesmerizing to look at and wonderful to be in! This city has no more and no less than 2400 bridges and it features a particular charm and dignity you will find appealing every time of the year. Feel free to take a cruise with an elegant boat in order to admire the natural city landscapes and be amazed at the sight of historical sailing vessels in Hamburg’s port.

Germany is also famous for beer and if you love this beverage and you are traveling with your mates then you will get the chance to sip from a wide variety of tasty beers. You can also see a football match, enjoy Hamburg refined nightlife and get plenty of souvenirs from various shops and malls in this city!

Now it is up to you what you want to visit and frankly, all of these cities deserve your attention. If you want help in making the decision then don’t hesitate to contact us today. Just tell us where you want to go and we will make the arrangements according to your preferences, needs and obviously, budget!