Top 5 Countries To Visit In 2014 For Food Lovers

Forget about all those New Year’s weight loss resolutions, if like me you love tasting or sampling new foods, then the best way to do so is to go searching for them around the world. In this regard, here are the top five countries to visit in 2014 for a one of a kind food sampling experience.

1. France

Yes, France! This one amazing country is a no-brainer for those looking for world-class cuisines. One can go on and on about the famous regional cuisine only found in France, but all I can think of now is stuffing myself with all the gluten I can find while here. A tour to France can’t be complete without sampling some of its world class croissants, breads and cheeses. Some of the best foods to eat while touring France include Fougasse aux olives, Macarons, Foie gras, Baguette, crème brulee, chocolate, truffles, black perigord and so forth.

2. Spain


Beautiful beaches, extra-ordinary scenery, friendly people, out of this world Jamon ( ham in Spanish) and most important tapas, all make Spain a must visit country in Europe. Not only this, if you want to eat the best olives the world has produced, then make a point of stopping in Spain. If Gal Greene or Gambas al Ajillo is not available, then make a point to indulge in a multiple of other delicious options. These include sampling mouth-watering Tortillas, Calamares, Gazpacho, Chipirones and the likes.

3. United States of America

Yes, you got that right! United States of America is a great country to tour in 2014. While it is mostly known for its king size hamburgers, great barbecues, and heart clogging fast foods, there are other great foods that can be sampled while in a countrywide U.S. tour. From Los Angeles to New York, chefs are really working hard to change the world’s perception about the American cuisine. This all is happening at a rapid pace. Some of the cities that will offer you the best touring and dining experience while touring U.S include New Orleans, Honolulu, New York, Providence (RI) and Austin (TX).

4. Singapore

You got me right, Singapour as the locals call their country! To start with, Singapore as a country and city is an amazing place to visit this year. Multi-racial, multi-religion, multi-lingual, multi…, you name it, this can only be good! Food in Singapore is certainly a vital aspect of life and it speaks of a fusion of multiple cultures from all over the globe. From western fast foods, Japanese cuisines to Malay victuals, there is undoubtedly something for everyone. With all these, you can’t deny the fact that eating or sampling different cuisines from all over the world is an important aspect in Singaporean culture. Simply put, eating in Singapore is a true reflection of the Singaporean culture and lifestyle.

5. Denmark

Though Denmark is not hugely known for its food culture, there is one chef who is changing all this – cuisine alumni Rene Redzepi! He has single handedly changed the way things are done here in Denmark by constantly coming up with innovative cuisines and inventive ways of cooking. To sample some of his one of a kind foods, visit the award winning restaurant Noma where he trade his skills. What is so amazing about this chef is that he makes special dishes with ingredients that are strictly foraged and sourced locally.

All in all, the above listed countries are worth a visit by people o like me who are always searching for undiscovered jewels and new trends in all things food!