Top 5 Things You Should Not Do On A Cruise Vacation


Is this your first time going on a cruise? Well, if it is, I’d like to congratulate you on that! It’s a unique getaway that you should enjoy at least once in your lifetime! Before you get carried away with adrenaline and excitement, I’d like to recommend some of the top 5 things that you shouldn’t do on board the cruise ship.

Be it something illegal, or behavior and etiquette – you should be aware of your surroundings, to be considerate and gracious to your fellow crew and passengers so that everyone can have a good time throughout the duration of the cruise vacation. Last thing you want to happen, is to be ousted by the ship’s Captain due to an unwelcomed circumstance. Cases like these are rare, but just don’t let this kind situation befall unto you.

Treat the staff or crew badly

Sometimes the blame for a bad service doesn’t always necessarily fall onto the shoulders of a service crew. Passengers and customers alike who are receiving a professional service should ensure that they are on their best attitude to show gratitude, in order to help everyone feel better around each other.

Hence, show the crew and staff some love as they’ve been working around the clock to make sure you’re comfortable etc. To show signs of your appreciation, it doesn’t always need to be in the form of monetary tips. In fact, something like a sweet or mint can be enough to do the trick! You might be amazed that from your act of kindness, you may have successfully put a smile on someone’s face.

Elevator dependent? Maybe you should take a walk instead!

This isn’t really a behaviour-based issue, but more of an affecting factor to how much enjoyment you can get from the entire duration of your vacation on the cruise. It is none other than a dependence on elevators. So it’d be much better for you if take the stairs instead, as spending time to wait for the elevator can ‘eat’ away at least 5 minutes of your time, at a time.

Forgetting sunscreen is a call for getting sunburnt

I believe you know the consequence that ensues. If it’s a pain to handle back at home, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to get it here!

Forgetting to share

Seeing those deck-chairs been empty? That doesn’t mean it’s all yours though. It’s not nice to ‘reserve’ one for the entire day by simply leaving your belongings on it, hoping no one takes it, and it gets even worst on your part if you decide to vacate the seat the whole time, and someone can’t use it due to it being occupied with your stuff. Remember to clear your stuff when you’re done too!

Be a drunk and behaving out of line in public

This is big no-no, not only does it cause a nuisance to your fellow passengers, you might possibly make a fool out of yourself. Getting a little extra boost for those fun times is totally fine, but make sure not to overdo it!