Top 6 Reasons To See Beauty and The Beast On Stage With Your Kids At Disney World

If you have kids, or nieces and nephews or young siblings, consider bringing them to Walt Disney World and watch Beauty and the Beast on Stage. Whether it is part of your summer vacation plans or for a birthday celebration, you will never go wrong with this travel arrangement. Here are some of the reasons why you might want to check out this spectacular show!

The show teaches a lot of good values


There are so many good values one can learn from Beauty and the Beast On Stage. In fact, so many writers in the online world have shared the important life lessons they learned from watching Beauty and the Beast – both the movie and the stage adaptation. Some of the lessons include not judging, building one self’s esteem, and loving the unlovable among so many others. Let your kids watch Beauty and the Beast because not only will they have an awesome time watching but they can learn a lot of positive thinking as well.

The show has catchy songs

Do you remember the Beauty and the Beast songs you have heard as a kid? There is a huge chance that you still know the words. The songs of Beauty and the Beast have captured so many hearts and that is why these have been considered as classics. So why not introduce your kids to these songs? Let them learn the sweet and oh-so-romantic love songs you used to love as a kid. A word of warning though, kids can easily pick-up very catchy songs; so you might have a bunch of kids repeatedly singing Beauty and the Beast songs in the car on your way home.

The show can help kindle a love for musical arts

The young generation today is mainly comprised of kids who have a disdain for classic musical arts. They are the ones who would rather sit on the couch and play with their gadgets rather than go and see a wonderful show on stage. If you have kids who have never seen a stage show, and you want to make a good impression of it, Beauty and the Beast is the best show to start with. Based on one of the best animated movies every, Beauty and the Beast On Stage never fails to disappoint when it comes to amazing casting, stunning choreography, and a wonderful production in general. Once your kids see Beauty and the Beast, they would surely have a craving for more musical shows.

The show can pave the way for quality bonding

The best way to bond with someone is to do something that both parties would enjoy. So if you are to bond with your kids, then you would not regret watching Beauty and the Beast. Beauty and the Beast has attracted people of all ages. At Walt Disney World, there would be rides that you can only enjoy and there are also rides that your kids will only enjoy; but thanks to Beauty and the Beast, watching a show is something that you as well as your kids will enjoy together. Try your best to get the best seats in the theatre for you and your kids to enjoy the performance up close. Sure, the best seats can be quite costly, but they are definitely worth your money.

The show values intelligence

Belle loves books, and clearly, is a very intelligent person. She definitely is someone that young kids should regard as a role model when it comes to having a hunger for knowledge. And another interesting point to consider is that Beauty and the Beast, like other musicals, can boost brain power. So many studies show that there is relationship at varying levels between high academic achievement and exposure to music. So at the young age, it is indeed practical to let kids enjoy musical shows. Also, several research works show that music can stimulate different patterns of brain development and this leads to better memory.

The show has accolades to prove its worth

No Disney-loving adult can ever forget the classic Beauty and the Beast. Nominated for various awards such as the Golden Globe Award for Best Motion Picture and other Academy awards, the Beauty and the Beast has been adapted into a stage play. What is interesting is that Beauty and the Beast on Stage has been showing ever since the movie was released.

As of writing, Beauty and the Beast is shown at Theatre of the Stars, Sunset Boulevard, every Tuesdays with several time slots that you can catch. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Walt Disney World, you should certainly not miss out on Beauty and the Beast on Stage. You will not be disappointed with this show that is presented at a 1,500 seat theatre. With Dove Travel and Cruises’ Disney vacation packages in Nashville, you too can soon be catching the show live!