Top 7 Sites To Visit In Alaska

Alaska is a gem in the north that every tourist should consider visiting. Tourism is a significant part of its economy and it has been thriving than ever. From 2012 – 2013, Alaska has received about two million visitors and it has been expecting more in the coming years. If you are planning to visit Alaska, here are some of the sites that you should not definitely miss.

Denali National Park


This is one of the most popular sites in Alaska. The name of Denali National Park takes from the meaning, The High One. The park is six million acres in size and is wonderful place to explore for various kinds of geological features. These include kettles, glaciers, horns, and a whole lot more. Animal lovers would love this place because it is the home to numerous wild animals including moose and caribou among others. One should also keep a watch for grizzly bears and wolves. The Denali National Park is also known for its tilting trees. Activities to do here include hiking, whitewater rafting, and camping.

Glacier Bay National Park

Another interesting site to visit is the Glacier Bay National Park. Most visitors arrive here via cruise ships. Once they arrive, they engage in the numerous fun-filled activities waiting for them. Kayaking through the freshwater river is probably the most popular among tourists. There are also non-extreme activities for tourists. One of these is bird-watching. Glacier Bay National Park is home to about 274 bird species. Aside from birds, there are also other animals to observe including mountain goats and black bears. Fishing enthusiasts can also try their fishing skills for halibut and rainbow trout.

Mendenhall Glacier

You are also recommended to behold the splendor of Mendenhall Glacier. You will surely feast your eyes on outstanding views of more than ten miles of ice. Some cruises pass by it so that tourists can enjoy the view. Some tourists get to the glacier by kayaking towards it or around it. Of course, hiking enthusiasts will never pass out hiking alongside the glacier. To walk on Mendenhall Glacier is another story since it is quite dangerous and would only be allowed for people with proper training. The Mendenhall Glacier is usually visited during the summer when it is not too cold. However, it is open to visitors all year round.

Kenai Fjords National Park

The last National Park for this list would be the Kenai Fjords National Park. This place is where icy waters, beautiful landscape, and serene skies meet. The Kenai Fjords about forty glaciers that flow from the Harding Icefield. Lovers of wildlife will meet humpback whales, orcas, and seals. Bears can also be seen from time to time. Also, in the skies can bald eagles be spotted. Kids love the park and a lot of schools even plan their trips there. The breathtaking views, the amazing wildlife, as well as the rich history of Kenai Fjords National Park can surely offer a great experience.

Anchorage Museum of Natural History

Those interested in natural history will love the Anchorage Museum. In the museum, visitors can learn so much about Alaska. Some of the things that can be learned include how ice turns into glaciers, how ice seems to be blue, and what Alaska appeared to be during the Ice Age. There are so many interesting exhibits that deal with prehistoric animals as well as Alaska’s varying geographical features through the years. Visiting the museum is like touring all of Alaska in a short moment. There is also a collection of art that tourists will surely adore and admire.

El Dorado Gold Mine

The next stop to visit is the El Dorado Gold Mine. It is without a doubt that Alaska has so many natural resources – gold is one of them. Going to the gold mine can surely be an educational trip as tourists can learn all about the gold mining process. They will also learn about how gold miners did their job in the past, particularly during the famous Klondike rush. The site offers an interactive experience with tourists as they are allowed to pan their own gold. What is great is that tourists can even take the gold home with them.

H2Oasis Indoor Waterpark

Finally, there is the H2Oasis Indoor Waterpark. It is surprising to most people that Alaska has a waterpark. Well, H2Oasis is a great waterpark that can never be forgotten. The most popular attraction of the waterpark is the Lazy River which spans to more than five thousand feet. Also popular is the wave pool – both adults and kids enjoy this feature. Other features include six water cannons, Children’s Lagoon, and the ever-famous Master Blaster.

These are the top sites to visit Alaska. If you plan to visit Alaska, contact Dove Travel and Cruises International for the best Alaska travel deals!