Top 9 Things To Do In The Caribbean

Every part of this world is worth exploring, especially the Caribbean which consists of a multitude of small islands in the North America. Actually, those who have never visited this part of the planet are strongly encouraged to do so in the near future as the list of attractions, points of interest and things to do is endless. If you are curious about the things you can do in this heavenly realm then here are a few ideas that might entice you to visit the Caribbean Islands.

Watch the sunset in Negril


Negril is one of the most popular towns in Jamaica and it is a definite must-visit during a Caribbean vacation. Here tourists can admire the wonderful sunset while sipping from a delicious cocktail and watching brave divers who jump into the waters below Rick’s CafĂ©.

Get acquainted with the dolphins

Another wonderful Caribbean attraction consists of swimming with the dolphins in Jamaica. There are many places where tourists can get close to those amazing and intelligent creatures and even shake hands with them. Especially if visitors come with their kids, swimming with the dolphins should be head of the list when it comes to things to do in the Caribbean.

Cruise the sea at sunset

Nothing can be more relaxing and blissful than cruising the Caribbean Sea during the sunset. Tourists can embark in one of the many tours organized on the Caribbean Sea or they can take advantage of a personalized, private tour as well. During this wonderful cruise, tourists can sip delicious drinks, delight on wonderful meals based on local recipes and snap pictures after pictures of this mesmerizing corner of nature. Moreover, the cruises are not expensive at all, they can be fully customized and they give tourists the opportunity to meet someone new and make friends while admiring the gorgeous Caribbean Sea.

Ride a horse on a beach

Riding a horse is one of the most beautiful and exhilarating experiences one can enjoy in this life. The freedom and serenity that can be felt when riding a horse is absolutely magic. Therefore, tourists who visit the Caribbean have the opportunity to ride a beautiful horse on the beach. This appears to be a scene from a romantic novel, but it is entirely true. For a small fee, a tourist can pick a horse and explore the beach for an hour or two, admiring the stunning landscapes and breathing fresh air.

Go off-road with an ATV

ATV riding is very attractive and enticing as well and many tourists can’t resist the temptation of hopping into a powerful all-terrain vehicle and explore the countryside. There are many places to visit in the Caribbean using an ATV such as beaches, coastlines, jungles and so on. Also, renting an ATV is not that expensive and this entertainment option is suitable for both teenagers and adults who want to infuse a little bit of adrenaline into their Caribbean holiday.

Explore the El Yunque Rainforest

El Yunque Rainforest is one of the most popular tropical rainforest in the Caribbean and it hosts a multitude of plants and animals which cannot be seen elsewhere. Tourists have the opportunity to join a tour of the El Yunque Rainforest and snap pictures of the Puerto Rican parrot, giant orchids and so on. Additionally, this activity is quite physically demanding, so tourists also get the chance to do a great cardio exercise while enjoying their Caribbean holiday.

Explore the magic of St Lucia

Another excellent point of interest in the Caribbean is St Lucia, a small island that has been voted as the most visually attractive place in the area for several years now. Here tourists can admire banana plantations, waterfalls, lush vegetation, sulfur springs, etc and relax in the beautiful and inviting coffee shops, bars and restaurants. Additionally, St Lucia also features a lot of shopping complexes that must be visited at all costs, not to mention that tourists can find souvenir shops almost everywhere.

Visit the Grand Cayman

The Cayman Islands offer plenty of attractions as well and they shouldn’t be left out from any Caribbean tour. Here tourists can swim and even feed stingrays or enjoy a ride with a real-life submarine. This magnificent place also hosts a lot of culinary competitions and features a multitude of white sand beaches that will make any tourist’s Caribbean vacation a truly unforgettable one.

Learn to dive

The best place where tourists can learn to dive is in the Caribbean as here they can find warm waters and a lot of aquatic life to admire. There are many guided tours that teach tourists how to dive and they even offer certificates after one day of practice.

If you are interested in visiting the Caribbean this upcoming holiday season and try some of the activities mentioned here then make sure that you contact our travel agency today!