Top Honeymoon Destinations For December Travel

December is certainly a very romantic month for a wedding. Apart from making wedding arrangements, you need to put some serious thought into where you are heading off to for honeymoon in this month. If you are looking for some warm weather because you simply adore sunny days, there are actually a lot of options to consider since many spots around the world are not experiencing winter during December. For example, you can plan a tour to Egypt, Madeira or to the Canaries. In order to enjoy nice pleasant weather, South Africa and the Caribbean are ideal places to visit in December. You may also consider traveling to South East Asia, India and not to forget the Islands of the Maldives.

Caribbean honeymoon destinations for December

December is considered to be an ideal month to visit the Caribbean. There are sunny days with low humidity and cooling breezes. Usually the temperature is somewhere around 29 degree Celsius with an average of eight hours of daily sunshine. If you manage to travel before the school holidays begin, you will certainly be able to avoid peak season hotel prices and expensive flights.

The Caribbean is not a single destination. There are many different islands to consider. While some look for a remote hideaway, others look for an area with upbeat beach life. Some people love to see the true culture of the area while others look forward to stay in a nice hotel on a white-sand beach. Here are some areas which you can consider for your honeymoon in the Caribbean:

•    Dominican Republic

Generally, this country is quite under-rated when it comes to choosing for your honeymoon destination. Well, you are missing out on a lot if you give Dominican Republic a miss! There are beautiful beaches, lush rainforest and has a vibrant local culture. The region has some very nice hotels and you are surely going to have a fabulous time there.

•    Barbados

This is a very exciting place to stay during December. However, it gets quite pricey as Christmas and New Year approaches. The restaurants are often crowded and wild partying is surely guaranteed. If you are looking for private getaways, you can head towards the east coast and have a peaceful time there.

•    Cuba

This destination provides excellent value for money and happens to be the best choice for those who look forward to have some spicy cultural experience along with a relaxing beach time. Spend a few days in Havana and have some fun in salsa clubs. Do visit the cigar factories as they are truly amazing.

Honeymoon destinations in Asia best for December travel

Asia experiences the most wonderful weather during December. It is often said that you can have a lot of choices of destinations here as compared to any other part of the world. You can visit a beach for a fortnight or explore vibrant cities and even have a chance to venture out into the countryside. You can also avail a honeymoon package that offers a combination of all three possibilities. Here are some of the best travel destinations you can visit on your honeymoon:

•    Bali


Bali is quite popular among honeymooners in December because of its colorful and fascinating culture. Its local cuisine is outstanding and it is a must-visit place for you if you are a food lover. Although December is a slightly wet season, you can expect the weather to be somewhere around 30 degree Celsius with eight hours of sunshine as well.

•    Vietnam

For couples who like a unique taste of adventure, Vietnam will be a smashing choice. There are not only buzzing streets but it also gives an opportunity to the visitors to enjoy a lazy river cruise on the Mekong. Once you visit the place, you will be surprised to see the richness of the culture, beauty of the landscape and not to forget the quality of the food.

•    Thailand

The west coast of Thailand is the best place to visit during December. There are some amazing honeymoon hideaways on the beaches in Phuket. When going to Thailand in December, it is better if you avoid islands like Koh Samui because they are usually wet in this month. Phuket is perfect as the temperature is around thirty degrees Celsius with eight hours of sunshine. If you want to experience city life at its best, head to its capital, Bangkok, where street food, cheap buys, late night entertainment spots are beckoning!

•    India

India is a magical place for a honeymoon. There are various honeymoon packages for the honeymooners. You can take a fourteen-day tour to Rajhistan while staying in one of the classical hotels located on the banks of Leela Goa and Lake Pichola. The temperature is slightly higher with an average of thirty three degrees Celsius and comes with almost ten hours of sunshine daily.

In early December, Kerla has just exited the monsoon season and the temperature there is usually around thirty one degrees Celsius with seven hours of daily sunshine. If you are on a short trip, don’t forget to visit Taj Mahal and Tiger Safari in Ranthambore National Park. You can visit these destinations by train as well.

Whenever you are planning for your honeymoon, make sure you book well in advance so that you can get cheaper rates and guaranteed places for your intended travel dates. For more on honeymoon packages in Nashville TN, call us today!