Top Mistakes To Avoid When Going For A Vacation With Family

When arranging to go on a trip with your family, nobody wants to spend more than what they have planned. Therefore it is always advised to keep a tight check on the budget. It does not matter whether you are going to travel across states or you are planning an overseas trip, it is a fact that families can make a lot of money-burning mistakes when they are not prepared at all. They either pack excessive luggage for their trip or end up choosing expensive activities that do not suit everyone in the family. To help you avoid such mistakes, here are some helpful tips you can consider:

Don’t go for fixed vacation days


Flexibility in your travel schedule can act as a money saver when you plan for a vacation. However, arranging your gateways around school vacations can get a bit difficult. Usually, it is believed that Wednesdays are the most ideal and the cheapest days to fly but this means that your children will have to miss their classes. When traveling with family, it is hard to consider flying off on Saturday as you may get some cheap tickets. It is also better if you avoid Sundays and Fridays as they are considered to be most expensive.

Even if you are not flying, having a flexible schedule offers many benefits. You can easily avoid spending extravagantly on car rentals and hotel rooms. You can check different websites with different combinations of dates to ensure that you are getting the best deal. Making a booking with an economical travel agency in Nashville, TN can also help you save some greens.

Avoid booking separately

When booking a vacation, it is quite common to see people locking in a flight first and then decide other things. What they don’t realize is the fact that when one reserves each seat separately, he ends up spending hundreds of dollars more than what he would have spent on a package deal. Rental car companies and airlines usually offer fire-sale prices in different package deals because they generate a lot of interest and the companies do not have to show what they are charging for each service.

Don’t forget promotions and discounts

Car rental companies and hotels usually offer discount deals to various groups of people, especially government workers. They also introduce different deals and special rates to the employees of specific companies. There is no need to feel ashamed in asking about discount deals. You may sign up for different loyalty programs as they tend to pay off quite well. There are many people who offer free night’s stay for two or three spent at a chain hotel. You can easily plan a week- long trip and this is how you can earn a few free nights in different hotels.

Availing frequent flier miles

There are many parents who seem to show reluctance in signing up a preschooler for frequent flier programs.  This is not the right approach as these miles can easily add up if the family travels quite frequently. There are different airline companies that offer these services and their miles do not expire as well. Each airline tends to have its own rules. You can check and let your kids apply for such program. Once you have accumulated these miles, make sure you use them wisely. The experts recommend redeeming miles for those flights that are expensive.

Consider hotel add-ons wisely

Although a Wi-Fi service or a free breakfast might not be the deal breaker for a hotel stay but it is better if you choose a hotel that offers these services as free. This is how you can easily avoid piling up extra fees. Ordering breakfast for four can easily add $40 to your bill on daily basis. Similarly, internet access may add another $10 to your daily budget.  If you park at city hotels, you will be paying almost $25 to $50 per night. There are some hotels that add fees for extra guests and even for the kids. It is believed that families who do not do proper pre-trip research on what is and what is not included in their hotel rate can lose almost a hundred dollars a day.

Don’t take extra luggage on the trip

When planning for a trip, make sure you don’t pack too much stuff. Keep your luggage light. Try to pack the basic things you need and usually when you are traveling with family, you will shop for clothes at your holiday destination so that’s why you do not need your entire closet in your luggage. When traveling by air, you will have to pay extra money if your bag is overweight. This is quite common when you are traveling with your family.

In order to avoid any sort of surprise at the airport, throw your bag on a bathroom scale to make sure that you are not close to your limit. In case you are, you can easily divide your stuff into carry-ons or see if you can use a second piece of luggage to be accounted under another family member’s luggage weight.