Totally Fun Things To Do In Tokyo

Tokyo is one of the top places to visit in Japan. It is the country’s capital and it is where modern and traditional waves of culture collide. There are so many fun things to do in Tokyo. If you ever find yourself there, make sure you do some of these things:

Learn history at the Tokyo National Museum


If you ever are to visit just one museum in Tokyo, make sure that it is the Tokyo National Museum. The museum holds a fine collection of Japanese artifacts, artworks, potteries, and so many other things from the rich history of the country. Some of the things you would see include samurai swords, samurai armor kimonos, decorative pottery, calligraphy, and a whole lot more. Visiting the museum would be like riding a time machine throughout Japanese history. Aside from the collection it holds, Tokyo National Museum is also adored for its architectural design.

Watch sumo wrestling at Ryogoku Kokugikan

Sumo wrestling is definitely one of the trademark sports of Japan. You can catch good sumo wrestling action at the Ryogoku Kokugikan, the National Sumo Hall of Tokyo. Sumo tournaments last for fifteen days in January, May, and September. From the colorful pre-wrestling rituals to the actual action-packed fights, tourists will surely enjoy a lot. Spectators really get excited as arms lock and bodies thrown off the ground. If in case you can’t catch the tournament seasons, you can always watch some sumo wrestlers practice at the sumo stables.

Shop for seafood at the Tsukiji Market

The Japanese people are known for being seafood lovers in general. Indeed, there are so many seafood dishes in Japanese cuisine. And if you are in for seafood, you might want to do your shopping at the Tsukiji Market. The market consists of hundreds of food stalls selling different kinds of seafood. In fact, it is said that more than 18000 tonnes of seafood is traded here every day. You might want to join a tuna auction which is held very early in the morning. Should you decide to visit the market late in the morning, there would still a lot for you to buy. Fruits, flowers, and veggies are also sold here.

Pray/Wish at the Meiji Shrine

The Meiji Shrine is a dedication to Emperor Meiji – the Emperor who opened the doors of Japan to the Western world. A lot of people come to this place to pray or wish. If you find yourself in Meiji Shrine, make sure you stop at the cleansing station for purification rituals before praying. You can also write your wishes on paper and attach them to the prayer wall. If possible, go to Meiji Shrine on a Sunday, a day when weddings usually occur. It is always nice to witness a Japanese traditional wedding. The shrine is open from sunrise to sunset and visiting it is free of charge.

Visit the Imperial Palace

What’s great about the Imperial Palace is that it is not always swarmed with tourists as some other sites are. This is because visiting needs to be planned. Some tourists report that passes or tickets would have to be requested for free several weeks before the visit. The palace tours usually lasts for an hour. These tours are in Japanese though, yet English pamphlets are available. The East Gardens can be explored freely from nine in the morning to four in the afternoon. The East Gardens are perfect for strollers and picnic lovers. There are a lot of shady spots where tourists can chill out and enjoy the surroundings.

Enjoy the Shinjuku National Garden

The SHinjuku National Garden is definitely one of the most beautiful places in Tokyo. It consists of numerous gardens. Make sure you do not miss the major gardens like the French Formal, the English Landscape, and the Mother and Child Forest. can enjoy a lovely sight of the garden from the second floor of the Taiwan Pavilion. The best time to visit the Shinjuku National Garden is during the cherry blossom season from late March to April. Do not forget to bring your camera with you as there are truly so many lovely spots to capture at the Shinjuki National Garden.

Shop for electronics at the Akihabar

If you love electronics like cellphones and gaming consoles, you should consider shopping at the Akihabar. You can purchase a variety of items from the latest gadgets to second-hand ones. You will even see some gadgets you have not even heard of in your life. Not only does this place offer an abundance of electronics but it also is the center for anime and manga. Anime and manga are important elements of Japanese culture. These have made Japan very well-known across the world.

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