Want To Save Money On Your Next Cruise Vacation?

So you want to take on a cruise vacation but are not sure if the money you have been saving will be enough for the trip? There are some experts tips that can help you enjoy the entire vacation and at the same time spend less. Cruise vacations are a wonderful way to revitalize your mind and body and if you are planning to have a brilliant honeymoon, then this would be your answer. Below are some tips to help you save money on your next cruise vacation:

Make sure you book early

The cruise lines offer packed deals during their annual wave season. This runs from January through March. Are you planning to travel with kids during summer? It always pays if you book as soon as possible. You will get perks like free airfare to the departure city, and also on board credits so that you have something to spend on extras such as an upgraded cabin or a massage. It is prudent to book at least four months in advance in order to take advantage of the incentives.

Sail old school


You may want to choose a cruise with an older ship because this will also help you save money. Older ships may not have as many amenities as the newer ones, but they have all the basics that you can enjoy for less. You can carry out a research to know when a particular ship was built and then go ahead and select one. Older ships tend to run all year long and the three day itineraries they come with are more affordable.

Avoid peak times

High season is seen during summer and when the school is out such as spring break, thanksgiving and around the December holidays. To get the best deals, you need to book travel for other times of the year such as spring, after thanksgiving or before the Christmas holiday. These are also the times when the cruise ship itineraries are more affordable.

Look for reposition cruises

Every few months, cruise lines move their ships in one region to another from their rotation. This is when the high season cools off in one region and when the next destination is about to heat up. It is advisable to book a vacation on one of the repositioning cruises because this is when the rates are significantly cheaper than the regular itinerary. However, it is prudent to know that repositioning cruises are only one way and the voyage can take ten days to two weeks with fewer stops.

Target cheaper itineraries

Another great way to save money on cruise vacation is to target cheaper itineraries. In fact, the shorter the voyage, the less costly your cruise will be. A three day cruise tends to compete more on price, so if you are looking for that ultra-cheap cruise, then this would be your bet. The weak economy makes cruise lines to reposition their ships and as competition increases, it will be good for you as a consumer. You also want to monitor sites that offer great deals or get some tips through the company mailing lists.

Look beyond price

Price is not the only consideration when selecting a cruise. There are also the incentives and perks that could make your trip a better value. All you need to do is to select a cruise which is right for you because cruise lines will cater to different niches of travellers. For instance, if you are an older traveller, you may want to go for a refined cruise because a party ship festooned with basketball courts, night clubs or other attractions aimed at younger people won’t be your bet. Read up about ships and their itineraries to make a wise decision.

Account for extras

There is this common term associated with cruise vacation; all inclusive. However, in some cases, this may be far from the truth. For instance, you may pay extras to visit the spa, gamble in the casino, eat at certain restaurants and use the internet among other things. It is always prudent to plan for the extras so as you don’t end up ruining your vacation.

Consider the help of a reliable travel agent

Did you know a cruise vacation has lots of things to sort out? They include air travel to the departure port and offshore activities among other things that often are not included in the cruise costs. In this case, it is wise to work closely with a reputable travel agent to help you sort out the details. A good thing about travel agents is that they always work closely with other parties to ensure that travellers have great deals. And they have access to the current promotions and pricing.

At Dove Travel & Cruises International, we work tirelessly to ensure that your cruise vacation is worth the value for your money. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are planning the next cruise vacation. We will offer you an all inclusive vacation package that will suit your travel needs.