What Can You Expect In The Africa Zone Of Disney’s Animal Kingdom?

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is one of the four theme parks of the Walt Disney World Resort. Disney’s Animal Kingdom is divided into separate areas and one of these is the beautiful area of Africa. It is basically where tourists can observe numerous animals right in their own habitats. Africa offers three main attractions – Kilimanjaro Safaris, Pangani Forest Exploration Trail, and Festival of the Lion King.

Kilimanjaro Safaris


The Kilimanjaro Safaris allows tourists to ride a typical open-side safari vehicle and they would get to see many animals in various habitats. Here are some of the animals that can be observed throughout the ride:

• African Elephant – African elephants can be both awesome and overwhelming especially because of their size. But these gentle giants are really fun to observe especially if they gather in large groups or if they walk in a line.

• Cheetah – Cheetahs are among the most popular African animals especially with kids. This is because it is one of the fastest animals ever. Adult cheetahs look very cool, but tourists really love seeing and even taking photos of the cute little cubs.

• Black Rhino – One of the best things about going on in this tour is that guests get to view the critically endangered black rhino. Usually, black rhinos can be spotted sleeping – something that they really love to do at various times of the day.

• Crocodile – Reptile lovers would really like viewing the Nile crocodiles at the Kilimanjaro Safaris tour. These are the second largest crocodiles in the world just next to the saltwater crocodile. Thrill-seekers would find it fun to find out that the Nile crocodiles are among the most dangerous crocodile species in the world.

• Warthog – True Disney fans would look at warthogs and would think of no Disney character than Pumbaa of the Lion King. Warthogs are very social creatures and they are often seen travelling in groups known as sounders. If they are not wandering around, they might be seen wallowing in mud.

These are just some of the numerous animals that can be seen in the Kilimanjaro Safaris Tour. Going on in this tour would be like being in the Lion King movie, and the experience can really be fun and memorable.

Pangani Forest Exploration Trail

This is a walkway situated just next to the Kilimanjaro Safaris. It was known as the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail until 1998 when the name was changed. There are numerous African animals that can be spotted along the trail. Research students are situated at various stations along the walkway in order to give info about the animals. Among the land animals that can be found along the trail include Okapi, Gorillas, Hippopotamuses, Meerkats, Naked Mole Rats, and a whole lot more. Bird lovers would have a great time taking photos of bird life including the African Grey Parrot, the Golden-breasted Starling, and the African Olive Pigeon to name a few.

The Pangani Forest Exploration Trail offers any tourist the chance to venture into the heart of Africa. Not only is the trail known for its rare and exotic animals but for its stunning scenery as well. It is for this reason that bringing a good camera is very much advised. There is no height requirement for this attraction and is much recommended especially for the little kids. But not only will kids enjoy but adults as well.

Festival of the Lion King

The Festival of the Lion King is a theatrical presentation and interpretation of the animated film, The Lion King. The Lion King is one of the most popular Disney movies of all time and it boasts of the glorious and magnificent African wildlife. It should be noted though that this theatrical show does not specifically follow the story of the animated movie.

Guests who would watch the show would be assigned to one of the four sections. These are Warthog, Giraffe, Elephant, and Lion. One of the things that make the theatrical experience fun is that guests are usually asked to make the animal sound of their section. It should be noted that all seats provide a great view of the action and happenings. There are 1,500 seats all in all. But the best seats are part of the first five rows. These seats are fantastic but might not be practical for small kids because these have minimal raise.

Things that should surely be expected of the show include acrobats, puppeteers, and a whole wide range of circus entertainers. So basically, one can expect a circus style show full of amazing stunts and surprises. A soundtrack CD entitled Festival of the Lion King was released in 2001 and it features the songs from the theatrical presentation and animated film.

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