What Should You Remember When It Is Your First Time To Cruise The Caribbean?

You have read and heard many good things about the Caribbean. The good things you heard about this place makes you want to go and visit it one day. That day has come and now that you have finally decided to take a cruise in the place, you have to remember a few things that are essential to the vacation.

Your choice of route

There is a list of spectacular places to visit when opting for a Caribbean Cruise. In the Western Caribbean, for instance, you can go for Belize, Cayman Islands, Cozumel and Nassau. In the Eastern Caribbean side, on the other hand, your perfect choice includes that of Puerto Rico. No matter which place you choose, you always have to decide which among these places to spend most of your time on especially if you are on a budget. If you have more than enough, it would be good to spend this year on the Western part and the next year on the Eastern part of these groups of islands.

Your choice of ship or cruise line


Choosing your cruise line or cruise ship is also critical if you want to make sure you are going to enjoy the tour. You can go for a lot of choices you see online but you have to ascertain that your choice will meet your expectations as to a Caribbean cruise. You certainly want the best for this cruise experience thus it pays to go for a reputable cruise ship company at all times.

Your choice of cabin

Often, these cruise ships are filled with suites that are best for those who want to make the cruise special and luxurious. These are somehow more expensive than other rooms in the ship but are well-worth it. As a first-timer, however, you might want to go for the regular cabins where you are given enough room to sleep in and get some time to relax. You can also choose the so-called category 2 cabin that has a veranda located on the penthouse deck. It would also be good to choose a cabin where you will feel less of the ship’s movements. In this case, you can reserve one in the lower central part of the ship.

Your budget

Your budget is one of the crucial factors to consider in a Caribbean cruise. You may understand how expensive this trip can be and of course since this is your first time and you have waited all your life for it, we presume you are more than ready to spend a fortune for it. While you have allocated all the amount of cash you have for this trip, you have to remember some salient points when comparing prices that will suit your budget.

One of the considerations is the quoted rate or the price with which a Cruise liner or ship will quote your trip. When taking note of this, you have to make sure that the rate includes not just the cruise ship fee but also all other fees for ports as well as taxes that will be paid in line with the vacation. You have to be vigilant since some would quote you rates that exclude these. Check for price cuts or discounts as well. There are certain periods with which Cruise ships would sell tickets at lower the price. You would better save on such opportunities.

Your excursions and activities

Visiting the Caribbean islands is not all about getting scenic views of those popular tourist spots. It would certainly include a wide range of activities and excursions that will make the entire trip even more memorable for first-timers like you. In Belize, for instance, you can book an excursion to Lamanai, the so-called New River Safari. In Cayman Islands, on the other hand, you can book for snorkeling down Sting Ray City. In the case of Cozumel, you can enjoy the so-called Jungle Horseback Ride. These are but some of the few fun activities you can consider. A whole lot more awaits you as long as you have carefully planned your trip.

Your things

Depending on how long the cruise will last, you will need to pack several things inside your luggage. Make sure you include at least three pairs of formal dinner suits for those formal nights. You should also have enough casual clothing for your trip and of course, a pair or two of your semi-formal wears. Have your camera, binoculars and collapsible laundry bags with you. Prepare bottles of water and all other extra items that you need. Sunscreen may also be needed since you may bathe under the sun on these islands.

There are a few things that we might have forgotten to tell you when it comes to planning your Caribbean cruise. But of course, you can always prepare a checklist to make planning easier and the trip more convenient for you.