What You Need To Know On Choosing A Cruise Ship Cabin

If you are planning a vacation, there are many options to consider. One of the most important issues that you need to settle is where to go and how to get there. Many people choose cruise travel for many reasons, the major one being that your vacation begins the moment you get on the ship. Your trip is as much about being out on the water as it is visiting different destinations. The cruise ships are built with this in mind and in many cases, they have amenities that can rival those of any five star resort. With this in mind, it is important to ensure that you choose the best cruise ship for your vacation.

To make sure that you get the most out of your trip, you have to ensure that you choose the right cruise ship cabin for you. This can be both exciting and challenging when you think of the different factors you have to consider. To avoid frustration, several questions need to be answered such as whether you prefer to spend more time in the cabin or out by the poolside.

Do you tend to suffer from seasickness?

This can determine where you should choose when it comes to the location of the cabin. While some people prefer a window or porthole to look out to the water from their cabin, there are others who would prefer not to remember they are out on sea! Are you one of those people who cannot sleep on a bed facing aft when the ship is moving forward? Doing your homework is very important as it means the difference between enjoying your vacation and spending more time looking green in the face! Most people who get seasick find that choosing the right cabin can help to reduce or eliminate the symptoms.

Choosing the ideal type of cabin


While it is true that many cruise lines offer a wide range of “categories” on their ships, you should know that there are only four basic types of cabins on most cruise vessels. There is the inside cabin that has no window and is located in an inside corridor and the outside cabin that has a porthole or window with an outside view. There is also the cabin with a balcony and it comes with a verandah where you can step outside and finally there is the suite. The suite is a large cabin that often has separate sleeping and living areas and it comes with a wide range of perks and extra amenities.

Think about the cabin location

It is important to know that location is everything when choosing your cabin. Regardless of the type of stateroom that you choose, where it is can determine whether or not you get seasick. It can also determine whether you are kept up all night by the noise or whether you can enjoy exquisite views of the surroundings. Stability is very important if you are prone to seasickness and cabin location is key. The more central and lower you are, the less sway and roll you will feel.

Size matters when choosing a cabin

It is important to know that size is an issue when choosing a cabin. Cabins come in different shapes and sizes and you can get exactly what you need to suit your needs. Apart from the simple traditional cabins, you can find duplexes, expansive suites and even lofts. There are also balconies that range in size from tiny spaces where you can barely fit two chairs and a small table to large wraparound decks that come complete with outdoor tables and even hot tubs. On most cruise ships, the standard cabins are the same size the only difference being the window or porthole. The cost factor will determine your final choice.

Do you want an outdoor space?

When making the choice, you need to determine whether you need a balcony. As most regular cruise travelers will tell you, if you prefer spending more time in public areas such as the lounges, sun decks, and restaurants, the extra cost of a cabin with a balcony may be an unnecessary expense. If, on the other hand, you prefer to avoid the crowds and you love to lounge in your own private outdoor space, a balcony will come in handy. It is a good idea to think about your itinerary when making your choice and remember that if you are on a cold weather cruise, you might not spend much time outside.

Think about the cabin layout or setup when making the choice and remember that they are not all similar. Some cruise ships have huge standard staterooms that are designed with the family in mind. You can also find cabins that feature all-suite accommodations. Consider how much space you need and remember that whom you are going with will determine the type and size of cabin that you should choose.