Where Can You Experience The Best Family Vacations In The Caribbean?

To many, the Caribbean is simply a fascinating place to go to because of the resorts that flock around it. While that is enough reason for you to bring your family there to a vacation, you may want to particularly know the best places in this part of the world where you can spend a great getaway with the entire clan. In this case, it pays to read on to find out where you can experience the best family vacations in the Caribbean.

The Bahamas


There are many reasons behind why many families have chosen the Bahamas as their vacation destination. For one, consider the fact that the islands offer a wide range of activities for people of all ages with different preferences. It has everything from fishing to scuba diving activities and is the seat for stalls and stores like duty free shops and small stalls along its famous shores. The white-washed shores along the Bahamian islands make it even worth traversing for the entire family. Not to forget the lavish resorts and all other luxurious accommodations that this place offers. For families who want more beyond the usual swimming fun, you can head to the golf course or visit the offshore reefs that Bahamas has to offer.

Puerto Rico

If there is one thing that makes Puerto Rico a standout place to visit along the Caribbean shores then that would be the fact that it offers a wide range of activities that families can enjoy way beyond what their hotel choices can offer. You can explore nature at its best by visiting El Yunque National Rainforest or better yet, you can go boating via Vieques’ bioluminescent. But of course, you can head to this country in the Caribbean to enjoy the best of the islands from the Balneario de Luquillo to Balneario de Carolina. You may also get to enjoy traditional street food that is usually cheaper when compared to what you see in hotels around town.

Cayman Islands

Yet another wonderful family vacation spot along the Caribbean is Cayman Islands. It hosts a list of family activities that will make you stay there for long. Your kids will surely love the Grand Cayman especially if they have that kind of fascination to animals. They will definitely have a whole new experience too while swimming with stingrays or playing with sea turtles along the shores of Boatswain’s Beach.

The place remained charming and captivating to guests over the years. It opens room for adventurous travellers while also giving immobile travellers the option to enjoy the place. There are barrier reefs that divers can explore and the so-called Mastic Trail perfectly made for honeymooners.

U.S. Virgin Islands

A variety of island choices – this is what the U.S. Virgin Islands is all about. With the choices you have, you can be sure that there is one perfect match that will suit you and your family’s needs when it comes to fun. Like any other places along the Caribbean, this place is best noted for its inviting beaches. Beyond that, however, it managed to fuse in some other activities that family members would surely want to experience during their stay. Kids can even explore nature. Thanks to the existence of Sandy Point National Wildlife refuge where they can snorkel as they learn to identify whatever is associated with marine life. Adults, on the other hand, can head to Cruzan Rum Distillery for a wonderful rum-tasting time.

For a better enjoyment of the whole U.S. Virgin Islands, you can choose to spend time on either of three islands – from St. Thomas to St. Croix to St. John. If you have a particular goal or interest that you want to satisfy during the travel, however, you can consider these facts. St. Thomas is perfect for high-end guests who are willing to spend some money for luxury. St Croix, on the other hand, is perfect for those who want to visit rum distilleries and sugar cane plantations. St. John, at one end, is ideal for nature lovers and honeymooners since it is home to pristine beaches and dedicated parkland.

St. Lucia

There are many family-friendly activities awaiting you in St. Lucia. For the outdoors, you can visit white-sand beaches or spend the night at any of the bars in the island. All-inclusive resorts will certainly be yours to enjoy too while you are staying in St. Lucia. Such resorts render a wide array of programs for your young ones and even your teenagers.

Consider the above-mentioned islands and places for your next Caribbean trip. These islands have certainly something to offer to each of you and your family members. Make sure you come up with a choice that will suit all your needs best. In case you want to know more about vacation packages for your trip to the Caribbean, feel free to contact us.