Where In The Middle East Should You Take Your Vacation To?

There are quite a number of beautiful places in the Middle East where people indulge in their love for great shopping, fine dining, world-class hotels and resorts, history and culture, and amazing water activities. However in the recent past, most people in this country only travel to different destinations in Europe, Australia, and Africa for their vacations.

What they don’t know is that the Middle East is quite a number of trendy departmental stores, modern shopping malls, amazing architectural grandeur, luxury hotels and resorts, multicultural cities and cultural galore. What’s more, the Middle East is blessed with warmer climates meaning that people can truly enjoy amazing vacations here. While here, visitors are offered with chances to explore a mix of western refinement and ancient historical sites.

Except the Middle East, there are very few places in the world where visitors can explore ancient relics and still have the time of their life soaking in the sun, or surfing the waves, or even enjoy beach activities, or sip cocktails by the pool in luxurious hotels. With this in mind, here are some amazing tour destinations in Middle East you may want consider exploring. But before we get started, it is recommended that you let an international travel agency in Nashville to handle the booking on your behalf, particularly so if you are not conversant with what this region has to offer.


This is the capital and largest city in Qatar. It offers some of the most amazing attractions you can ever find in the Middle East. It has some of the most architectural advanced shopping malls in this region. Many people visit this city to indulge in a wide range of sporting activities, golf included, visit the desert for a variety of adrenaline-pumping activities, go shopping at the souks, enjoy sea views and pristine sandy beaches, and many more.



Petra is an exciting tour destination located in Jordan. It is an extraordinary wonder of the ancient world with irreplaceable prehistoric sites. Full of magnificent primeval structures and inexplicable charm, this city has always been a tourist attraction. It particularly attracts travelers that love primitive adventures. This is a UNESCO world heritage site and that offer travelers quite a number of historical and incredible ancient architecture to explore. This makes it a perfect travelling destination for people looking for extraordinary holiday escapades.

Tel Aviv

As the second largest city in Israel, Tel Aviv is one the most startling and intriguing cities in the world. This vibrant city is where history springs back to the emergence of civilization. The city is quite different from others such as Jerusalem that is full of holy sites and religious marvels. If you are looking for remarkable nightlife, holiday outlooks, or beach revelry, then Tel Aviv is the place for you. This modern cosmopolitan metropolis has everything a world traveler could ever imagine making it a place you want to be.


This is the capital city of Lebanon and is situated on a tiny isthmus that spreads from the shoreline into the Mediterranean Sea. Although this Middle East city has revived itself from war mutilations, it has become the leading cultural travel destinations in this region. The exciting city still upholds the vibes of the age-old vibes and is world famous for its unique traditions, history and culture. It offers a vast variety of ancient architecture and monuments. The modern Beirut is home to quite a number of world class luxury hotels, beautiful beaches, fine restaurants, trendy clubs and bars, and a wide variety of modern attractions.


This is one of the largest and most advanced cities in UAE and that is full of many wonderful attractions, including the tallest buildings in the world. With stunning beaches, modern shopping malls and departmental stores, timeless desert, and souks, you won’t lack for a place to spend your vacation. With its wide range of trendy nightclubs and bars, classy restaurants, ritzy hotels, Dubai is truly a vacation destination you don’t want to miss!


This is the largest city in Turkey and is one of the most travelled tourist destination in Middle East. With a great number of attractive attractions that include visiting museums and mosques, hunting for bargains in small bazaars, intriguing festivals etc, there is always something to see and do in this city. This town truly brings together the West and East cultures.


This is the largest and capital city of Saud Arabia. It’s an expansive and immense city full of exciting holidaying activities and stunning sights. It has become the business and cultural center of this country and combines Arab tradition and imported western culture. If you love bowling, desert adventure, camel rides, shopping, and camping, then you should probably consider Riyadh.

All in all, you can always get cheap flights to different Middle East destinations if you work with the right travel agency. Most of the Middle East cities combine Arab traditions and western culture, offering travelers a touring experience like no other!