You Too Can Spend Money Wisely On Your Disney Vacation!


Planning a trip to the famous Disney World with your friends and family? This is perhaps one of the fabulous activities planned. Those who have been there will agree that love at first sight is what you will feel at Disney World. Since Disney World is the intended destination for the vacation, the following pointers will come in handy while spending and travelling. It is prudent to plan your trip because if you wait until you are already in the park to figure out where to visit, then you may end up spending more or entering into a world of confusion. Below are some of the pointers:

Be flexible

Whether it is about the dates you are travelling or the tourist attractions you are going to, being flexible is a great way if you are looking to take advantage of the best deals available. In fact, the travel deals should be your inspiration because you are going to get lots of mileage out of your dollar. It beats logic going for a deal that is half the time and half the cost.

Shoulder seasons

You want to travel during shoulder seasons because you already know about peak travel times. Peak travel times is when everyone is planning to get away, something that makes the trip quite expensive. Go for the off peak option because this is when hotel rooms and flights are much less expensive. Alternatively, take the shoulder season as the time for the travel. This is the season that comes in between the off peak and the peak times. It could be April through May or Mid August through October. A good thing about the shoulder season is that there are not many tourists and the weather is still nice for you and your friends or family.

Look for appropriate accommodation

Lodging during vacation can nearly burn a hole in your pocket, so it needs to be chosen wisely within your budget. If for instance you are looking for an economical stay, then you may want to bank on Kissimmee Vacation Homes and Orlando hotels because these are most beneficial. And if what attracts you more is more quality time in the theme park where there is added benefit of free transportation service, then you may want to consider Disney Vacation Homes. And you can also buy package deals. People who book hotels packaged with airfare do enjoy deals that are not available to the public. Just work closely to a trusted agent and you will end up with a really hot deal.  You need to prioritize your choices so as to make the right decision.

Think about food and drinks

During trips, expenditure on outside beverages and foodstuffs can cost you dearly and this can really eat into your budget. To save both time and money, you may want to come prepared by bringing your own drinks and foodstuffs. This way, not only will you save on money but also time that you would otherwise spend in lengthy queues. And a friend who is very hungry can also fall in the queues.

Use Fast Pass

Because you are really interested in saving time, you don’t want to miss on using the Fast Pass. It will allow you to avoid those long lines to the rides. Insert the Fast Pass into the Fast Pass machine and then come back at a designated time in order to ride the attractions. You will save a lot of time that people spend waiting. And the time saved can be used to enjoy other attractions around.

Go for drink stations without any charges

There are many drink stations that offer beverages free of cost. In fact, these are scattered around the Disney World theme park. One such drink station is located near the Innovations Plaza Fountain. It serves several drinks from different countries, free of cost. Another one is called Station Cool. Here, you can enjoy free samples of Coca-Cola products.

These are just but some of the prominent drinks stations; there are many more around the park where you can revitalize your body and mind with excellent beverages without being charged a penny. Of course you don’t want to end up being thirstier, so avoid filling yourself with more free soda than your body can contain. Another thing to consider is having water supply with you.

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