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4 Points to Note Before Planning Your Trip to Israel

June 24, 2020BlogComments Off on 4 Points to Note Before Planning Your Trip to Israel

Planning a trip can be an exciting thing to do especially when you have a long summer break, and you are all ready to spend some quality time, devouring the epic views of various destinations.

If you are planning a trip to Israel, you have come to the right place for knowing all the answers to your questions. Israel has a vast array of attractions and places to visit, and you must be surprised to know that Israel has a mild climate all year round, making the travel possible whenever you feel like visiting.

However, I have come across many people searching whether Israel is safe for travelling or not. Israel is safe to visit and explore. Before coming to Israel, many people are curious about the safety issues but spending time here makes them discover other problems like ” It is expensive.”

You can confiscate from the extra expense if you plan smartly. Therefore, here is an ultimate guide to planning a trip to Israel-


1) Plan and Pre-book-

Many people are intimidated by the thought of visiting and exploring a new destination that they forget to pre-book. Why not take advantage of the vast internet and online availability of booking hotels and flights? If you had been fantasizing about a place and waiting for your holidays, why waste time in between? You can read about the place, look into maps, pre-book your visits, check for famous places and traditional food. Doing so will help you gain knowledge about that country, and you will be able to plan clearly upon reaching that place.

Take advantage of online offers and discounts which comes with pre-booking. If you book a hotel and flight earlier, you can save a lot and that money could be later used in fulfilling your wish list. Besides, after travelling a lot, it would be hard for you to search a hotel, while having a booked one means landing and resting.


2) Keep Weekdays for the City and Weekends for Outskirts-

Middle eastern countries have a different working schedule. In Israel, working days lasts from Sunday to Thursdays and during the working days, most of the cities are filled with heavy traffic. So, you wouldn’t want to come so far and get stuck in heavy traffic. Therefore, plan your trip in a way that you spend time exploring the outskirts of the cities like Negev and Galilee regions during the working days. You must keep in mind that no public transportation is available from Friday afternoon until Saturday night so book a hotel amidst the city.


3) Israel is small-

The advantage of being in Israel is it is small with mountains, sea, desert all very near. You can visit Jerusalem if you didn’t like Tel Aviv or a couple of hours drive can take you to witness the warm shores of Dead Sea. Within a few days, you can explore various places in Israel, enough for making lifetime memories.


4) Don’t be Afraid to Bargain-

Being a tourist, the vendors and shopkeepers can trick you into paying more, but you can always bargain when you are in Israel. The open-air markets are a great place to buy antiques and unique stuff by bargaining. Don’t be shy to bargain since the vendors usually agree to your desired price.



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