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8 Must-Try Foods In the Caribbean Region

July 24, 2015BlogComments Off on 8 Must-Try Foods In the Caribbean Region

One of the best things about touring the Caribbean region is getting to taste its culinary delights. The Caribbean region has so many great treats to offer that tourists had come to love and have been coming back for. If you are going to tour the Caribbean, you should try out the following dishes:


For those who want to try various seafood dishes, one of the must-try dishes is definitely ‘conch’. Conch consists of large sea snails of various kinds. A huge percentage of these sea snails are raised in farms and are very safe to eat. Like most of the dishes in the Caribbean conch is usually cooked with hot sauce. Conch is enjoyed as a salad side dish when served with cucumber, tomatoes, and celery among other kinds of vegetables.

Roast Pork

Roast pork in the Caribbean has been heavily influenced by the region’s strong Spanish heritage. Pork is roasted after often being marinated in special marinades. Sometimes, the pork is dry-rubbed with spices like onions, salt, and peppercorns. Sometimes, orange and lemon juice is added to create a zesty flavor. It is best enjoyed with a variety of side dishes including beans, plantains, and rice. An interesting variety of roasted pork is what the locals refer to as lechon-asado; this is a sweet and very tender spit-roasted suckling pig.



Callaloo is a sought-after dish in Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago. It is a healthy vegetable dish with a variety of leafy greens. These include taro and water spinach among others. The leafy greens are boiled into a thick and tasty stew. Some of the major ingredients of callaloo that give its distinct taste include coconut milk, peppers, and okra. Callaloo contains white meat, red meat, or both. An interesting fact about callaloo is that it originated from West Africa having been brought to the region by slaves. Today, callaloo dishes served in restaurants have not strayed that far from the traditional callaloo.

Jerk Chicken

No, it is not named after a rude chicken. Jerk is a unique style of cooking in Jamaica. A jerk chicken dish is chicken seasoned with so many spices. One bite can definitely satisfy anybody’s taste buds. Most tourists even consider jerk chicken as the best tasting chicken they ever had. Jerk chicken is best enjoyed with Scotch bonnet hot sauce. But since it is so flavorful, jerk chicken can still be “the most delicious chicken in the world” even without hot sauce.

Wrap Roti

Tourists usually would prefer eating fast-food since they would love to spend as much time as possible touring the beauties of the Caribbean region. In Trinidad and Tobago, a top favorite fast-food to try out is Roti. Roti are sandwich wraps filled with potatoes. It is made tastier with its meat. Seafood is a common filling but some roti makers also include other meats such as chicken, duck, lamb, and even goat. Roti is sold in abundance by numerous roti shops along the street.


Rice lovers would love the cook-up. A satisfying and energy-packed treat, cook-up can be considered as the jambalaya rice of the Caribbean region. It is rice mixed with so many ingredients making it not only tasty but healthy too. Some of the most common ingredients include jerk spices, pork, fish, beef, peas, and other vegetables. A cook-up is very easy to consume and is a perfect ‘to-go’ meal for all those tourists with activity-filled itineraries.

Goat stew

Goat stew, which the locals call as kabritu, is also a must-try. The goat broth is very popular in Bonaire and Aruba. Goat stew has become popular in this region that every family has its own secret recipe.  Goat stew is great for those who want to eat “healthy meat” since it contains a low level of saturated fats. For those who want to see and try out an interesting of goat stew, they should go to Cayman Islands where even goat head and foot are included.


The ackee fruit is part of the family of lychee and longan. It is a healthy snack that can also be found in a variety of Caribbean dishes. In Jamaica, ackee is served with preserved salt fish and is a very tasty treat for breakfast. One of the things that make ackee a great breakast dish is that it somehow looks like scrambled eggs when cooked; it even tastes like eggs. Sometimes, the fruit is boiled and then served with fried dumplings called Johnny cakes.

These are just some of the numerous culinary treats you can enjoy in the Caribbean region. If you want to tour the Caribbean because of its beauty and its amazing food culture, consider booking a tour package now. Contact Dove Travel and Cruises and choose from some of our amazing Caribbean vacation packages in Nashville TN.

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