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At Disney, These Are The Best Places To Stay!

September 27, 2017BlogComments Off on At Disney, These Are The Best Places To Stay!

The fun created while you are at the Walt Disney World seems endless. There is too much to experience in the vast space that Disney lies on, and you have to sit down and really strike out possible options, before narrowing down to what is interesting and would possibly be the best fit for family and groups. The best one can do is picking out the best and most preferred experience and running with it to the end.

However, at the end of the day, even the most energetic traveler will have to go back to the hotel room and rest. Disney vacation packages from Nashville can meet the needs of many of the travelers when it comes to their resting time. Many accommodation options that satisfy a great deal of guests’ needs, groupings and families exist, and we will look at them in this article.

For music fans: The Disney All-Star Music, Movies and Sports Resort

Guests who seek the best in terms of music, movies and sport must visit this resort in the Animal Kingdom Resort. The 40-ft movie characters built based on 101 Dalmatians and Toy Story is a welcoming touch to the movie resort, while the sports fanatics will be everyone else’s envy while at the All-Star Sports Resort, which features a baseball-themed swimming pool. The music resort on the other hand pays tribute to a number of favorite genres including Broadway show and jazz tunes. The rooms are exquisite with 2-queen size or 1-kingsize bed(s) a vanity and bathroom.

For luxury: Disney’s Grand Floridian

For visitors interested with paying homage to the Victorian era with its opulence and style, Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa is the place to be. Featuring gabled roofs and an array of lavish verandas, the 40 acre piece rests on the Seven Seas lagoon shores. The staff here has an extra-ordinary form of service and energy, trained and ready to pamper its guests in a number of spa activities. Dining is also a superb experience, as you will be welcomed to the 5-diamond Victoria & Albert restaurant among other great options that largely feature delicacies from southern France.

For the adventurers: Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

The 33-acre piece of property is home to one of the most celebrated African game lodges in this side of the world. Get up close and personal with the wild from the savannah of Africa from a 4-storey viewpoint, which features more than 100 species from the wild, including gazelles, giraffes and a varied number of birds. The 1200+ rooms offer you a traditional feel of the wild, having touches that bring out the ambience of an African retreat. Dining is also themed ‘wild’ at Jiko and Boma, with wood-fueled ovens and thatched roofs, guaranteeing you the best outdoor eating experience.

For swimming fanatics: Disney’s Port Orleans Resort

One of the coolest swimming slides is discovered in the French Quarter Resort at Port Orleans. Scales is also an enormous water slide, featuring a purple to turquoise, serpent-like tongue that makes up the slide. She is found at the Doubloon Lagoon and will give you the chills while taking swimming adventures at Disney. The guests here are welcomed to a wrought-iron, 3-storey building with colorful balconies made from brass.

For families: Disney’s Boardwalk Villas

An outstanding family get-away is featured at Boardwalk Villas, which easily accommodate groups and family members numbering 4 to 12 at a time. Its seaside atmosphere is a welcomed feel to many of its guests, who confess of its outstanding features. With a whopping 520 villas, ranging from small studios to cottages for resting purposes, families are always lit to the shopping restaurant and clubbing experiences that the area offers within its perimeter.

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