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Essential Tips On How To Enjoy A Vacation With Little Kids

July 25, 2017BlogComments Off on Essential Tips On How To Enjoy A Vacation With Little Kids

Most parents can easily agree that planning a vacation with little kids can be quite a daunting task. The vacation can turn out to be a nightmare, if you fail to take certain things into consideration. Just think about bringing your kids to Walt Disney World – sound fun, doesn’t it? But what about flying there with two crying kids during the flight or forgetting your diapers for your kids once you get into the gates of the world-famous destination? Well, fret not, here are some of tips and tricks to ensure that you have an awesome vacation with your little ones.

Consider a night flight


There is nothing disturbing like flying with little kids and they can randomly start to be fussy on the plane and you feel there is no much you can do about it. To avoid this entire fracas, book a night flight, especially for international trips that require several hours of flight time. Small kids, especially those in pre-school, and slightly older kids need their sleep to ensure they maintain their cool. When flying at night, the biological clock automatically kicks in and you will find your kids sleeping halfway or even throughout the flight, making the trip stress free.

Avoid pre-boarding

Most airlines require parents flying with small children to board the plane first to allow them enough time to settle in. Unless you have an infant, try not to board the plane too early otherwise the kids will get bored soon. To make kids more comfortable on a plane, reduce the amount of time they will spend in the plane. You can wait up until the last few moments to board the plane. This also makes the kids more excited and by the time they start getting bored, the plane will be up in the air with a dozen of miles covered!

Always carry the juice

The juice in this case refers to anything that you know your little kids enjoy doing during their free time. You can carry your tablet with your kids’ favorite games or even movies to make sure they are kept distracted and entertained throughout the flight. Make sure that you have an extra battery or charger to keep the devices operating during the flight journey.

Make tubs safer with towels

When you get to your hotel or resort, ensure that you take preventive measures to keep your children safe. One way to ensure their safety is by putting towels at the bottom of tubs just before they take their bath. Towels will keep the young ones from slipping which can lead to serious accidents. And don’t you just agree that most hotels have bath tubs that are prone to slipping, perhaps because of the way they are polished day in, day out.

Sleep after the kids sleep

Just because you are on vacation that does not mean that your kids should be deprived of their normal sleep hours. Plan a routine such that the kids are supposed to eat at pre-determined times as well as go out and be back early enough to ensure they have at least 8 hours of sleep. Sleep-deprived kids are fussy and they can cause tantrums, making your vacation less enjoyable.

Recreate night time rituals

Pack materials that you know your kids are used to having just before bedtime. You can carry story books, stuffed animals and special blankets if they have some, to ease them into sleeping in an unfamiliar place. Recreate the evening as much as you would do when at home. This way, kids are more comfortable and they do not get stressed up by being in a new place.

Bring your own snacks

When you are out and about having fun in Disney World, carry snacks and drinks that you know your kids enjoy the most. You can allow your kids to enjoy new things but make sure that they are safe first to avoid any complications.

Are you from Nashville and planning a trip with your kids to Disney World? Besides following the given tips in this article, check with a local travel agent to get the best Disney vacation packages from Nashville. This way, your family will be assured of flight tickets and hotel bookings at reasonable prices – so that will contribute to an awesome vacation too!

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