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Essentials To Pack When Going On A Long Cruise

November 29, 2017BlogComments Off on Essentials To Pack When Going On A Long Cruise

There are two types of people when it comes to preparing for trips and vacations. There are those who start packing early before their trip and there are those who wait for the last minute to throw a bunch of necessities into a carry-on before the morning flight. What you carry for your trips can impact your enjoyment of your vacation and in this case, your cruise vacation.

You need to ensure that you pack only the necessities you need when going on a long cruise ship. Be careful not to pack too much stuff otherwise you will end up with a number of languages which will not only be a burden but they can cost you extra on luggage fees. If your goal is to avoid extra bag costs by packing light and have extra room for in-port shopping for souvenirs, these are the essentials you need to pack when going on a cruise.

Emergency medicine kit

Every cruise ship usually has a boutique or medical center where they stock over-the-counter medications in case of medical emergencies. However, most people rely on these medications so you may have to fork over an arm and a leg before you can get them in case you need them. Before you leave for your trip, you need to put together an emergency medicine kit with basic medications like seasickness protection, diarrhea medicines, pain relievers and any other prescription medication that you need to carry if need be.

Night light

Before heading out on your cruise, go by your department store or local grocery and pick up a nightlight. Cabins are usually designed with fitting doorways and blackout drapes and these block out the natural light from lighting the cabin. You will also need the nightlight to light your way around the cabin during the night without having to turn on the harsh overhead lights.

Sun protection

It is a no brainer that you should bring along sunscreen when going on a cruise. This is a must especially if you will be travelling on a warm-weather cruise. However, doctors suggest that you should always carry a sunscreen even when visiting cold locations like Alaska. Carry a sun protection that has at least SPF 15 or more. Some cruise itineraries require many hours of outdoor activities and it is safe to always apply sunscreen before going out. It offers some protection on your arms and face at the very least.

Power strip with surge protector

These days, it is unavoidable to find one travelling with more than one electronic device. You may still want to keep in touch with your business or work while on the cruise which means you will have to carry a phone, laptop and a digital camera for taking pictures. That means you will need to carry an extra power strip to charge all these devices all at once. If you are planning to bring the whole family, they will probably have their devices too and the extra power strip will come in handy when they need to charge their devices.

Antibacterial wipes

There is a contagious virus known as norovirus that can be picked up from touching tainted surfaces or contaminated water or food. Cruise ships sometimes are a breeding ground for the norovirus. Cruise ships do their best to follow practices to make sure that the virus does not get hold of a ship but, at times they are not able to do it a 100%. It is advisable to carry antibacterial wipes before you board a cruise ship and make sure you use them before entering the dining room.

These are just the few items that you should make sure you pack before you go on a long cruise. To get the best cruise experience, you should look for a seasoned travel agency in Nashville TN that will book the best cruise for you. Have the agency pick a cruise that will cover your desired destinations. Using an agency will save you the hustle of having to take care of the traveling schedule, giving you more time to plan other important details of the cruise.

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