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Five Reasons to Opt for International Travel Insurance Policy

February 3, 2021BlogComments Off on Five Reasons to Opt for International Travel Insurance Policy

An overseas journey is exciting to plan but, those who are on the go more often can tell you from their experiences about the challenges that have to be faced. You will be surprised to know that a long list of hardships is less related to travel tickets, accommodation, or the required paperwork and more about those unforeseen natural calamities, outbreaks of political violence, theft, or health emergencies.

And since such situations are one of those that not many people get to face during their trips, very few think about it or resort to travel insurance policies as a safeguard measure. Well, we believe that a local trip can go on without it, but not an international one. A travel insurance policy has to be on your priority list. Here are five reasons why –

  1. To Cover Medical Expenses

The last thing anyone would want is to get sick or injured while on vacation. But, because life presents unexpected situations each time, no one can guarantee what their seemingly great vacation withholds, so better be prepared for it.

Your travel insurance is of immense help here. All medical expenses including ambulance or hospitalization, are covered under it. For the time in need, you are covered in advance.

  1. To Cover Trip Cancellation Charges

There is nothing as disappointing and heartbreaking as getting your trip delayed or canceled altogether. The reason can be anything but a cause for unimaginable money loss. Thousands of dollars you spend on airline tickets, hotel reservations, local tours all go in vain.

However, if you have an effective travel insurance policy in place, your trip cancellation/delayed charges are easily recovered. The money spent on booking with your travel agent gets compensated.

  1. To Aid During Emergency Evacuation

Neither of the human-made or natural calamities can be predicted accurately. So, what if earthquakes, volcanic ash clouds, political uprisings or some terrorist attacks come your way, and you have to be immediately rescued? You guess that right, a travel insurance policy would be there to support.

The company from where you buy the insurance cover would bring you back to your homeland and provide the medical assistance required.

  1. To Assist With Passport/Baggage Loss

Other than medical issues, there can be travel-related emergencies where you lose your passport, laptop, baggage, and other crucial documents. And it is far more complicated in case you don’t speak the local language.

But, your travel insurance policy comes in handy in such circumstances, getting you a duplicate passport and enough compensation for your possessions. Do look out for exclusions, though.

  1. To Comply With the Rules

Few countries have mandatory rules for the tourists and business-related visitors to carry travel insurance. Without it, you may not enter their land. We often meet customers who got their visas rejected for the absence of an insurance policy.

Thus, be sure to check whether the country you are planning to visit has such requirements or not. If yes, then attach the documents already.

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