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How To Get Honeymoon Planning Done Right

September 27, 2017BlogComments Off on How To Get Honeymoon Planning Done Right

The honeymoon is a sweet vacation for a couple that spends months in planning for a wedding. This is a great time that you get to spend quality time with your spouse, enjoying each other’s company away from the day to day hustle that the world offers out there. However, this too has to be planned, and getting to know these few things will shed some light about the honeymoon, what to do and what not to do.

Do not allow travel photographs fool you

Instead, seek the advice of professional travel agents and read people’s reviews about the said spot. Many companies present misleading images on their portals while doing promotions about their honeymoon destinations. You need not wait for disappointments after you fall victim to some of their scams.

Consider having a honeymoon registry for gifts

This can be very comforting, especially to those who pay for the wedding ceremony from their own pocket. A honeymoon gift registry will allow the guests to participate in helping you get things like spa treatments, romantic dinners, helicopter tours and the like; things that will make your honeymoon worthwhile. You can as well set up a desk and request the guests to do some contributions in wishing you well as a couple. This will go a long way in sustaining the financial costs of the honeymoon.

Never plan the honeymoon by yourself

The opinions of both parties are necessary in planning for the honeymoon. You do not want to plan an activity that is biased; only befitting the interests of one party. Holiday destination preferences vary between individuals. You will be surprised that your spouse would be more interested in a serine, rainforest atmosphere, out of everyone else’s reach, while you prefer a beach full of activities and other people enjoying themselves. The destination will only benefit both parties if a discussion is carried out. Talk it over before launching the plans into action.

Special activities need to be booked in advance

Some activities are termed rare and special, and need careful planning. While you are looking to book a destination, get to know the rare activities they feature. Discuss with your travel agent the cost implication of being involved in that activity and book them before you get to your destination. Such activities as hot air balloon rides, exclusive spa experiences and the like should be booked in advance instead of risking a chance to miss out on the experience while at the destination.

Do not head off right after the wedding

As we have previously discussed, the wedding presents such a daunting task for the bride and groom. The wedding day in itself is a day full of various activities, and a lot of energy is needed to get by the day. It is a tradition to have the honeymoon start immediately after the wedding, but experts advise us differently.

Wait for some 24 to 48 hours before heading to your destination. Give yourself some time to wind down since both of you have been extremely busy. It will give you a chance to beat the stress involved in meeting travel deadlines, getting to the airport on time or trying to get to a booked cruise on time.

Enquire for honeymoon specials

Visit a travel agency and enquire about honeymoon packages from Nashville that feature activities or goodies set aside for the honeymooners. If you do not enquire about the freebies, you might lose out. While you are doing your research, get to know what kind of free things they offer for honeymooners and you will be surprised at the number of items on offer.

All in all, this is a time when you and your spouse get to have some fun. Ensure that due diligence is done before embarking on this journey to make the most of it.

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