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How To Negotiate The Best Deals On Resorts And Hotels For Your Honeymoon

July 25, 2017BlogComments Off on How To Negotiate The Best Deals On Resorts And Hotels For Your Honeymoon

After a wedding, every newlywed’s dream is to have the best honeymoon experience that is romantic and memorable. It is always advisable to make honeymoon plans way ahead to ensure that everything is in place. First, a couple has to decide on their honeymoon destination. After they find the perfect location, they need to book ahead for hotel rooms. If you are from Nashville, this process can be made easier if you seek the services of a professional travel agency, which can let you choose from different honeymoon packages from Nashville, depending on your budget and expectations.

Before you settle for any honeymoon location, there are a few tips you need to know to help you get the best deals. These tips will help to find hidden perks while saving you a ton of money at the same time. These tips include:

Look into business hotels

What most people don’t know is that business hotels can provide great deals when booked at the right time. Business hotels are usually very slow during most weekends and also during summer when most businesses are taking a break. You can get the best deals in these hotels and resorts, especially if you are planning to travel within Europe. Ask your travel agency to find a business hotel during low season and book well in advance to get the lowest offers.

Ask for a corner room

To ensure that you get the best value for your money, always ask for a corner room when booking a hotel room. Why is this? Corner rooms usually have more square footage than other rooms and this is a secret very few people know about. Typically, you will be getting more square footage for the same price. If you are looking to upgrade to a corner room with a better view, try to be as discreet as possible and avoid asking when other guests are listening.

Bundle your hotel and flight booking

If you are using a travel agency to plan for your honeymoon, request that ticket booking and hotel booking be done at the same time. The agency stands a better chance of scoring you great discounts when you book both your flight and hotel at the same time.

Call the hotel or resort directly for specific requests

Most hotels and resorts have an 800 reservation number which guests can use. This is particularly encouraged if you are looking to upgrade your room. If you plan to go to a resort or hotel that you frequent, you can also use the friendly relationship to your advantage to get more perks.

Check in near the end of the day

If you are hoping to snag an upgrade from the hotel, you need to check in towards the end of the day. Most people check in in the morning and a hotel ensures they allocate booked rooms to respective guests and accept new reservations. By the end of the day, they already know the exact percentage of occupancy. You stand a better chance of getting an upgrade in the evening since the hotel is more willing to offer an upgrade that is still available.

Book within the cancellation period

If you are hoping to get a better offer for hotel rooms, you can try booking within the cancellation period. Most people cancelling their bookings do it towards the last 24 to 48 hours. The hotel has to find guests to occupy these rooms at the last minute and at this point, they are more than willing to offer great discounts.

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