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How To Plan A Successful Cruise For Senior Travellers

October 30, 2017BlogComments Off on How To Plan A Successful Cruise For Senior Travellers

If you find yourself tasked with planning a cruise for senior travellers, there are a few things you have to keep in mind to make the trip successful. The first thing to know is that senior travellers cannot be easily pigeonholed. Seniors encompass a huge range from age 50 to 90 and they have different levels of abilities and interests. Some seniors prefer travelling solo while other prefer going for a cruise as a couple or group. That said, there are certain travel issues that are relevant to seniors – whether it is special deals for a Caribbean cruise from Nashville or the importance of allowances and insurance for those with mobility restrictions. These tips will help to plan for a successful cruise for senior travellers.

Plan in advance for special needs

Most cruise ships provide a variety of accommodations, services and assistance for passengers with special needs. These offers vary from one cruise ship to another. You should find out any special needs your senior travellers may have to help you pick the right cruise line. Consult with the cruise ship before booking the trip to understand what rules and options apply to their situation. If the seniors you are planning a cruise for have mobility issues, find out which policies the cruise ship has about using scooters and wheelchairs. Some cruise ships have a limited number of wheelchairs they can accommodate so, you need to book early.

Choose shore tours

Cruise lines organize shore excursions at every port destination. These activities range from whale watching, cooking classes and swimming with stingrays. Find out how much these activities are charged and inform your clients prior to the trip. Have them pick out the activities they are most comfortable with and book in advance. If the seniors travelling have mobility limitations, find out if the shore tours are wheelchair accessible. Take time to find out if the activities offered will have any adverse health implications to senior with medical conditions.

Plan for medication

Not all seniors have medical complications but it is always important to be prepared for potential injury or illnesses on a cruise vacation. Find out what medication and remedies the cruise line offers its passengers. If they offer basic medication and remedies, you can buy additional seasickness remedies such as patches and wristbands and pack an extra first-aid kit with over the counter medication. If the seniors travelling have a prescription from the doctor, make sure that they have enough medication to last the entire trip.

Find out if they need any assistance when taking the medication and arrange for a companion to ensure they take their medication as prescribed and in time. Book a cruise line that is well prepared to handle any minor or major medical emergencies and one that has doctors on board that can take care of your seniors’ health issues. Provide a medical history of the passengers to the doctors on board to brief them on the passengers’ medical history just in case it may come in handy.

Always buy travel insurance

A sudden illness, lost luggage or a missed connection can ruin a cruise trip. Travel insurance helps to mitigate costs when something goes wrong. In case any of these mishaps lead to trip cancellation, the travel insurance can cover the cost incurred to ensure seniors get back home safely. These costs can cover flights, medical evacuation or even hotels rooms if need be. Comprehensive travel insurance is recommended for senior travellers with medical conditions. Find out if the insurance cover the destinations the seniors will visit and if not, what the alternative is. To get maximum coverage, ensure that the insurance is purchased within a week of making the first payment towards the trip.

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