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Things To Consider When Planning A Destination Wedding

March 1, 2020BlogComments Off on Things To Consider When Planning A Destination Wedding

A destination wedding is a dream of many couples who are enticed to get married in the far-flung land which could be a beach, a castle or iconic city skyline. The idea may sound like a fantasy, but planning a destination wedding comes with real work.


It is more than just planning out the venue. Various things must be taken into account, which includes the availability of guests to travel, timings of the ceremony, weather conditions of a place, affordable air-tickets and hotel bookings. The most important thing to keep in mind is the budget!


Before you plan a memorable getaway and tie knots, here are some things that you must consider when organising a destination wedding-


Select the Perfect Destination-


Before you select the destination for your wedding to be held, don’t overlook the budget and your convenience. Your wedding elements must reflect your style so that the guests after attending it would say ” That was so them.”


Select the spot where your man proposed you to make it more romantic or if you are a gastronome, go for places that are famous for its cuisine. If you ever dreamt of getting married on a beach, then invite your family and friends to a resort in Bali, Mexico, Mauritius or maybe the Caribbean.


Choose the Right Time-


The best weather indicates the tourist season, which means more crowd, fewer hotels and venue availabilities leading to higher rates all around.


If you are planning your wedding during peak time, then it is in the best interest to contact a travel company who will help you through the process of booking air tickets, hotels and managing your trip. If you are okay to visit during any season, then you can exempt from the situation of overcrowded and costly places.


Convey Your Plans to Everyone-


Tell everyone regarding your wedding plans, especially to the bridal party so that they can step back on time and do not disappoint you when the time to leave the country comes near. This would help you find the ones that are ready to take off with you.


Start the booking at least eight months prior to your wedding so that you can get the best deals and your relatives too can book before prices skyrocket. Do not get upset if some of your closest friends and relatives don’t attend.


Take a Trip-


It will be challenging to make all the arrangements via phone calls and the internet until you visit the place yourself. There are a lot of things to be managed when it comes to a wedding— securing a venue, hotels for guests, hiring local suppliers like caterers, florists and photographers. It doesn’t end here; you may want to schedule tastings with a few caterers, see a sample of accessories for decorations, plan a makeup session and various other activities.


Don’t Forget the Extra Expenses-


There is always room for extra expenses, whether you plan a local wedding or a destination wedding. Therefore, don’t forget to keep some extra dollars aside for expenses that may arise later.


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