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Tips for Going Solo on Cruise

April 25, 2020BlogComments Off on Tips for Going Solo on Cruise

Solo travellers are artistic people who are always into exploring something in nature. They are not afraid to travel vast seas, long roads and high mountains alone. While most of the solo travellers choose to go on expeditions in hills or beaches, We would like to guide them about solo cruising. Solo travellers can enjoy the freedom of being on a cruise and spend some quality time with the waves of the sea, undiscovered islands and the versatile sky.


Cruises are a great choice for spending your vacations since they offer almost everything in a single place starting from restaurants, bars, casinos, pools, exotic port locales, live entertainment, and live music to the cuisines of various countries. Advantage of being on a cruise is that there is no need for changing rooms and hotels, everything can be enjoyed on that one big ship without having to shift your luggage.


Though the cruises were designed for a minimum of two passengers, leaving solo travellers to feel a bit jettisoned. But over the years the traditions have changed and some extra money offered has set the sails for solo travellers. Besides, there are various things you should know before making your voyage. Whether it is about saving money or gaining a luxurious experience, here are some tips that will guide you about solo cruising-


1) Search for Single Cabin Cruise to Save Money- Once you have made your mind to spend vacations on a cruise, it is better to search for the one that offers cabins for solo travellers. You have to consider your budget because most of the cruises have cabins geared for two or more and you would probably not pay the same as most couples on the cruise. Many cruises have started to hear calls from solo travellers and a few have pioneered the space for single cabins.


2) Make the Most of Exclusive Perks for Solo Travellers– Travelling solo doesn’t mean that you will have to adjust in entertainment category too. In fact, some passengers that book solo gets to enjoy the perks that aren’t available to partners. For instance, some cruises offer access to the Studio Lounge with refreshments and drinks; single cabin guests can enjoy their dinner in the main dining lounge, informal cocktail hours, dinner parties, single-only ship events to name some.


3) Set Your Dining Time- Flexible dining hours were one of the significant changes in traditional cruising. Though you can have the freedom to dine at any time of the evening, yet it is better to set your dining time. The reason is that you will be most likely to eat your main dining room meals alone because most of the places will be filled at the peak hours and the authorities will oblige you to join the group of solos and eat with them.


4) Participate in Competitive Ship Activities- Cruising can be fun when you go out to meet different people and take part in various activities like karaoke, pool games, dance-offs and belly flop competitions that can make you win big. But if you are an introvert, go on joining some cooking classes, bingo, trivia and enjoy the camaraderie of your fellow cruisers.

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